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Crab Pot Christmas Trees Review & Discount Code

Crab Pot Christmas Trees Review & Discount Code

This post about Crab Pot Christmas Trees is sponsored.

Crab Pot Christmas TreesBecause of personal reasons, I haven’t felt very festive this year. We didn’t get a tree, hang stockings, or bake Christmas cookies. That’s how 2016 is gonna be.

Thank goodness, though, we received a tree from Crab Pot Christmas Trees. The pre-lit tree arrived folded. All I had to do was unfold it, fasten the sides with twist ties, and plug it in. Easy.

You can use it indoors or outdoors. Ours is currently sitting on our front porch. I’m not worried about it because these trees are made from the very durable PVC Coated Crab Pot Wire, so they can withstand the elements. What I really love, though, is that they’re low maintenance. Plug in the tree when it gets dark, unplug it at bedtime. That’s about all I can really handle this year, so I’m happy with this.

If you want one, you’re in luck. You can save 30% off Crab Pot Christmas Trees here — — with promo code USFG16. You can choose different sized trees, from 1.5 feet to eight feet, and from a variety of light options. With so many choices, you will definitely find your perfect tree. Which will you choose?

DIY But First, Coffee Mug #ElevateTheSeason #ad

DIY But First, Coffee Mug #ElevateTheSeason #ad

This DIY But First, Coffee Mug post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeasonLife starts after coffee. At least mine does. Okay, fine. It starts with getting out of bed and brushing my teeth — but mostly because morning breath and coffee just don’t mix. I have a really cute owl mug that I use all the time when I’m having coffee but sometimes, it ends up in the dishwasher. And sometimes, I hand wash it and make a second cup of Joe because everything tastes better from your favorite mug.

You can make your own favorite mug. I just made this “But First, Coffee” mug and I’m obsessed with it. It was pretty easy to make too.

DIY But First, Coffee Mug

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

What You’ll Need:

  • Oil-based paint Sharpie marker
  • Plain white mug
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Free “But First, Coffee” printable (below)

What You’ll Do:

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Print out the free printable on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper. To get it, just right click the image above and then save it to your computer for when you’re ready to print it.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Cut it down to a more manageable size.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Color on the back of it with a pencil.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Tape it to the mug.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Then, trace the letters. I actually used to use this technique a lot when I was little. I had a pillow I loved with cartoon characters on it and I would use this method to make birthday cards with these cartoon characters. Everyone thought I had really fantastic drawing skills. I had no idea this method would come in handy years later so everyone would think I had great handwriting too. Actually, my handwriting it pretty good when I’m on paper, but I wasn’t sure how it would be on a mug. And with a permanent ink marker, you only get one chance.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Carefully peel off the tape and you’ll see the outline of the letters.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

Color/trace them with the marker. Be really careful when you’re doing this. If you lean your hand down on the pencil marks, they’ll wipe away and you’ll have to freehand them.

#ad Life starts after coffee, which is why you need to make this DIY But First, Coffee Mug by #ElevateTheSeason

When you’re done with your lettering, put the mug in a cold oven, set it for 350-degrees, and leave it for 30 minutes. Cool down the oven and then take it out.

Well, at least, that’s what you should do. Me? I put mine in the cold oven, set it for 350-degrees, and was eight minutes in when my little brother called me from two doors down. “Can I borrow your oven to bake one of these pies for Thanksgiving?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. Because, when you’re an adult, part of the holiday season involves sharing your appliances. “When?”

“Now,” he said and over he came with a pie that really needed to bake at a lower temperature, but we all make sacrifices this time of year.

And, honestly, that’s the truth. We spend so much of our lives accommodating other people and making sure that their needs are met. You do it with your family all the time: hunting down that elusive toy then driving two hours to pick it up, eating the burnt pieces of the meal and giving everyone the better bites, sitting through yet another sports event when all you want to watch is trashy reality TV. And you do it with compete strangers too. You let them merge into your lane, you hold doors open for them, you let them take your parking spot at the mall even when you’ve been sitting there with your blinker on waiting for the car that there already to get out.

Tis the season, right?

But it also needs to be the season of you, when you sneak away and have some me time. Bulletproof Coffee can be your time. Have you heard of this? If you haven’t heard, Bulletproof is low toxin, high performance and full of healthy fats to fuel you. We stumbled over the concept years ago (when it seemed all my Facebook friends were putting butter in coffee), but we actually didn’t try it until Thanksgiving weekend. We received a bag of coffee, a bottle of Brain Octane Oil, and a jar of grass-fed ghee — enough to get our curiosity and coffee flowing.

#ad Wondering about that butter coffee? Find out about it at #ElevateTheSeason

It’s a little more involved than your typical cup of coffee. You boil 8oz. of filtered water, then make a cup the way you prefer (we did it in the French press because it gives a tasty and rich cup and because the bag stated that Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave prefers this method). When the coffee is ready, add it, Brain Octane, and grass-fed ghee to a blender cup. Blend for 20 to 30 seconds, which gives it a pretty great froth. Then, drink.

#ad Wondering about that butter coffee? Find out about it at #ElevateTheSeason

So, what did we end up with?

#ad Wondering about that butter coffee? Find out about it at #ElevateTheSeason

A really rich cup of coffee that didn’t need any milk or creamer (the butter fills that role). The first cup was definitely one that Pete and I could split, partially because we were both curious and also because it was a heavier than our normal cup of coffee. Let me note that the instructions do advise how you should ease yourself into this by working your way towards the full amount of Brain Octane Oil (which is made from 100% coconut oil and is a quick source of reliable energy from fat not sugar) and grass-fed ghee (a type of unsalted butter).

We had our first cup on Thanksgiving morning. Bulletproof Coffee can be used as part of intermittent fasting, which is nice if it’s Thanksgiving morning and you’re saving room for turkey and stuffing and sides and lots of pie. So that worked out for us. Of course, intermittent fasting is optional. What also worked out was that Bulletproof gives you energy. I used mine to take a two-mile walk with my brothers and their ladies; Pete used it to work out and then do some yard work. These were things that were on our to do list anyway, so I wasn’t sure if it was more the coffee or coincidence.

So we kept drinking.

We’re a handful of days in and we really are getting a taste for the coffee. It’s a great cup of coffee (especially if you add just the slightest pinch of sugar to it). It does take a little more time to make than a quick cup, which is a great thing. This is for you, a bit of “me time” to carve out of your day. It shouldn’t be rushed — and with Bulletproof, it won’t be.

Have you tried Bulletproof coffee? If not, starter kits are a great way to try Bulletproof Coffee and see if it is for you. Get yours at http:/ If you have already tried it, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

Find out more about Bulletproof at You can also follow the brand on social media:


Check Out The Lil’ Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack From ALEX Toys #spon

Check Out The Lil’ Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack From ALEX Toys #spon

This Lil’ Lockitz post is sponsored by MySavings.

Lil' Lockitz Best Friend Party PackAre you thinking about Christmas yet? My gift closet is already overflowing. I tried to put in two more gifts yesterday and there was almost an avalanche. So, yeah, we’re pretty close to being ready. Are you? If you have a little girl on your holiday shopping list, check out the Lil’ Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack.

Have you seen it? It’s from ALEX Toys, which makes a ton of really popular kid toys. This one, recommended for children 5 years of age and older, is a way for kids to make personalized lockets. The set can make 18 reusable Lockitz, which can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or the keychain clasps can be used to make clip-ons too. Each Lockitz is a wearable collage that tells a story, with gems, backgrounds and charms. 

The kit comes with 18 locket tops with backs, six necklaces, six bracelets, six keychain clasps, 72 charms, 54 gems, 32 backgrounds, one pack of sequin letters, tweezers, a photo stencil, a locket crimper, a photo puncher, and a storage tray. It also has easy instructions. How fun would this be for a birthday party too? You could invite all the friends over. Then, each girl picks another out of a hat and makes a locket she will love. It would be a great way for the girls to bond and leave with something really special, and a bunch of new BFF’s too.

Would your little one love the Lil’ Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack?

Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter #SierraTradingPost #TrailTime #spon

Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter #SierraTradingPost #TrailTime #spon

This post — Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter — is sponsored.

Get ready for winter with these Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter from’s getting cold.

Okay, not here in North Carolina. Gate Night was yesterday and I wore shorts. And we slept with the air conditioning on. And the night before, I wore a spaghetti strap dress. But it’s getting colder other places right now. New York, where we’re from, already had a bit of snow. And in a couple weeks, it’ll be chilly here too. That might get you reaching for the heat. It can get expensive to keep that on all night long, so we’ve put together a few tips to keep your family warm this winter — that don’t include turning on the heat.

If you have your own tips, be sure to leave those in the comments. We’d love to hear what you do to stay warm!

Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter

Wear A Long Jacket
Wearing a jacket is definitely a must when it’s cold. Plus, a long jacket like this The North Face Miss Metro Down Parka from Sierra Trading Post is a good choice. I hate short jackets that allow a bit of wind to blow on your lower back. That sends a chill up your spine that never leaves! A long jacket prevents that.

You also want to make sure to have gloves and a hat in your jacket pocket. I actually keep a pair in every jacket, so I always have a set no matter what jacket I wear. And a scarf is great too!

Cook Soup
I am such a fan of making soup in the winter. I’ll find all different recipes online and make them in either the slow cooker or the stove top. Serve them warm (okay, I probably serve them too warm), and they will warm up your family’s bellies.

What I really like about soup is how well it freezes. You can make a huge batch, serve it, freeze the leftovers, and then pull them out on a day when you’ve spent it outside playing in the snow and you’re too tired to cook a meal.

Speaking of soup, the one in the photo is our Cauliflower Soup. It’s definitely one of my favorite winter meals.

Use Boots
If it snows by you, boots are so important. If your kid — or even you — are outside in the snow in sneakers, your feet will get so cold. And that will flow through your entire body. So boots are a must. I love these cute Kamik Backwood Pac Boots from Sierra Trading Post. They have a heat-reflective liner and waterproof construction to keep out the elements, so you won’t have to worry about cold toes.

I would pair these boots with snowboarding socks, even if you’re not snowboarding in them. Those are the only socks that kept my feet really warm in cold New York winters, so I swear by them now.

snuggleSeriously, one of my favorite things to do is to snuggle. And when the weather is right, it’s perfect. Grab a blanket and have a family snuggle while watching TV. It really doesn’t get much better than that as far as family bonding.

Plus, when you are all snuggled together and sharing body heat, everyone stays warm — no matter what the weather is doing outside.

What tips do you have to keep your family warm in the winter? Be sure to leave them for us in the comments. And if you want to pick up some new warm, winter gear for your family, check out Sierra Trading Post. You can get free shipping on orders of $75 or more, now through November 14. This is valid within the 48 contiguous U.S. states only.

15 After School Snacks For Kids

15 After School Snacks For Kids

After School Snacks For Kids | Drugstore Divas | www.drugstoredivas.netSchool went back in session this week. Did your kids go back yet? If they did, I’m sure you’re thinking of school lunches and after school snacks. If your kids are quick to reach for cookies after school, you can combat that with any of the cute and healthy after-school snacks for kids in our list below. I picked fifteen from some of my favorite bloggers. Be sure to check them out and let me know your favorite after school snacks from the list.

15 After School Snacks For Kids

  1. Ladybug Snack Packs
  2. Chocolate Banana Bites
  3. Fruit Monsters
  4. Mini Pizza Cups
  5. Baked Octopus Hot Dogs with Apple Boats
  6. Ants on a Log
  7. Minion Inspired Banana Snack
  8. Taquito Pencils
  9. Easy Monster Fruit Pies
  10. Easy Cucumber Bites
  11. Silly Grapefruit Snacks
  12. School Book Sandwiches
  13. Healthy Snail Snack
  14. Apple “Cookies”
  15. Cinnamon Roll Sticks
ESPN Magazine: One-Year Subscription Only $4.95 (Today Only!)

ESPN Magazine: One-Year Subscription Only $4.95 (Today Only!)

espnWhere are the sports fans? Anyone like ESPN magazine?

If you do, get excited. Today only, you can get ESPN magazine for only $4.95 a year. To get it, just click that link and add the magazine to your cart. Then, enter the code 61989 at checkout to drop your total.

This is the lowest I’ve seen this magazine. And it’s actually the first time I’ve seen it on sale in a long time, so definitely grab this if you want it for yourself or for a gift.

My brother used to get this and I remember it being pretty great so your recipient will love this.