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Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes

Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes

Learn how to power clean your bathroom in only ten minutes at don’t mind cleaning. I like having a clean home and I know little magic cleaning fairies aren’t going to come into our home while we’re sleeping and make it sparkle. So it falls on us to sweep and scrub and all those other tasks that just seem like you don’t do anything until you skip them and really don’t do anything. Like wiping the counter. No one notices if you wipe the kitchen counter and it sure seems like it doesn’t make a difference, but skip wiping it for two days and see just how gross it becomes.

So you have to clean, and you have to clean the bathrooms. That’s a task that no one wants to spend too much time on because it’s kind of gross. I remember when I moved into my first apartment, my grandma asked me who was going to clean my toilets. Because surely it was something I had never done before. “I’ll hire someone,” I told her. I had my first, real full-time job and full-time income and thought I was a baller. She laughed and told everyone that I was going to hire someone to scrub my toilets. She was right. The toilet leaning fell on me, just as I’m sure it falls on you.

No worries. I’m a pro now. I figured I would share my secrets with you so you can power clean your bathroom.

Power Clean Your Bathroom In Only 10 Minutes

Minute 1:

  • Pour in the toilet bowl cleaner. Shut the bowl.
  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the basin of the toilet and the top of the lid.

Minute 2:

  • Remove everything from the counter/sink (anything below the mirror)
  • Clean the mirror.

Minute 3:

  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the counter.

Minute 4:

  • Wash the sink.
  • Wipe the hardware.
  • Put back everything on the counter/sink.

Minutes 5 and 6:

  • Quick scrub the tub.*
  • Wipe the hardware.

Minutes 7 and 8:

  • Sweep the bathroom floor.
  • Vacuum up any dust.

Minute 9:

  • Open the toilet.
  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the toilet bowl’s seat (both sides), the base, and the inside of the lid.

Minute 10:

  • Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the toilet.
  • Flush.
  • Use a cleaning wipe (or spray on a paper towel) to wipe down the inside of the bowl (cleaning any areas where water flows).

*This is mostly the method I use in our guest bathroom because that shower only gets used when we have guests. Before and after they come, I give it a full cleaning. In between, though, I just give it a quick weekly two minute job.

Done in ten minutes. Seriously. It took me longer to type this post than it takes me to clean the bathrooms.

If you maintain them and do this every week (I do it every Monday), you won’t have to worry about a deep clean that takes forever.

This method works pretty well in our master bathroom as well, although we have a separate tub and shower in there. So I wipe down the tub (which we don’t use regularly) during my weekly clean and we clean the shower and curtain separately.

What quick cleaning tips do you have?

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How To Freeze Milk

How To Freeze Milk

freezing milkI usually buy half gallons of milk when we need it. We use milk in coffee and here and there in a recipe, but that’s about it. I don’t put milk in cereal, although Pete does. So if we have a bunch of cereal in the house or if we’re having company stay for a few days, I’ll buy a gallon. But other than that, it’s a half gallon. If not, it’ll go bad.

But last month, a gallon of milk ended up being only a few cents more than a half gallon so I decided I would buy it and try to drink more milk. Bad timing, though, because we were set to leave for New York for two weeks and we would never finish a gallon before then.

“I think you can freeze milk,” I told Pete.

“I used to do that all the time,” he told me.

Well why I haven’t been doing this all my adult life, I don’t know. But I tried it, it worked, and I decided this has to be a blog post because who else doesn’t know about this?

How To Freeze Milk

Freezing milk is really simple and should be done as soon as you open the gallon to guarantee the milk is as fresh as possible.

Pour half the gallon into two 32-ounce Nalgene bottles, leaving about a half inch of air. The milk will expand when frozen, so you need to give it that room to do so.

I say use Nalgene bottles because they are BPA free and work great for both hot and cold beverages. It’s really well insulated, which is exactly what you need for this to work. Plus, when the milk expands, these bottles will not warp. A thinner container might do so.

Place the Nalgene bottles in the freezer.

Drink the opened milk and when you’re done, grab one of these Nalgene bottles out of the freezer and put it in the fridge.

freezing milk1

After the milk sits overnight, much of it will be still be solid and some will be liquid. When I was ready to use it, I poured it into a microwavable safe cup, ice chunks and all. I heated it up and made hot chocolate with it.

freezing milk2

Since hot chocolate needs warm milk anyway, it didn’t matter that it went in the microwave first. But what if you just need it for cereal? Just wait until day two. By the second day in the fridge, almost all of the milk was liquid. If you’re freezing milk, it’s because your milk isn’t being used quickly so you shouldn’t mind that it doesn’t defrost immediately.

Freezing milk is so much more economical. Ever since I figured this out, I’ve been buying a gallon and freezing half of it. It’s a nice little savings on our grocery bill too. Do you think you’ll try to freeze milk?

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