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Amazon: Kindle Case Only Under $1 [[Reg. $59.95]]

Amazon: Kindle Case Only Under $1 [[Reg. $59.95]]

kindle caseAre you picking up a Kindle Fire for Christmas? Or maybe it’s on your list.

Either way, you’re going to want a case for it.

Right now, you can get a VPR Premium Slim-Fit Folio Cover Case With Multi-Angle Stand For Amazon Kindle Fire 7-Inch for only $.99 on Amazon. This is regularly $59.95. Yeah, it’s usually about $60 and it’s under $1 right now.

Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so if want this, but it now before the price potentially goes up.

Don’t forget to sign up for UPS My Choice for FREE before placing orders online so you can track your packages, change delivery times to when you’re going to be home, and more.

*HURRY* Amazon: Kindle Fire Only $129 [[Reg. $159]] Til 4pm EDT

*HURRY* Amazon: Kindle Fire Only $129 [[Reg. $159]] Til 4pm EDT

kindle fireI wanted to tag this as HOT and HURRY but it looked like too much.

But this is a seriously hot deal.

Between now and 4pm EST, you can get the brand new Kindle Fire for only $129 on Amazon. It’s a super hot deal because this is regularly $159. Plus, this is the gadget on everyone’s want list.

The deal is only going on until 4pm EDT or when supplies run out. Right now, there is a little over 50% of the supply left, so this actually might sell out before time runs out.

My mom has a Kindle and she absolutely loves it. She doesn’t even use her computer anymore. She just uses this. Everyone I know is just in love with this, so it is worth it — especially at 20% off. I’ve never seen it that low, so this is amazing.

Just click this link to purchase it. As always with Amazon, prices are subject to change, so you want to jump on this now.

Amazon: Kindle Fire HD Announced!

Amazon: Kindle Fire HD Announced!

There’s a lot of technology stuff to get excited over. The iPhone 5 is supposed to come out asap, coupled with the rumored release of the iPad mini.

Motorola is coming out with a new RAZR that’s supposed to be 4G LTE, and then there’s the Google Nexus in the mix.

But, not to be trumped by any of that, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD. It’s pretty much awesome. It’s supposed to be faster than the iPad 3, it has an HDMI and a USB port [[which is my big gripe with the iPad]], and more. You can click that link and see all the specs.

It’s priced at $199 for the 16 GB and $249 for the 32 GB. So it’s comparable to what the iPad mini will be. You can preorder it now and it’ll be released officially on September 14.

So, it looks now like the current Kindle Fire can only be purchased from resellers.

What do you think of the new Kindle? Is it on your wish list?

FREE Book: The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard [[Kindle Edition]]

FREE Book: The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard [[Kindle Edition]]

My friend Emily just let me know she found a brand new book that’s completely free on Amazon.

Today and tomorrow [[August 29 and 30]], you can get The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard for free for Kindle. Remember, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get the app for free on the iPhone, iPod, etc.

The description is really short, and really caught my attention, so I figure’d I’d post it:

Where Bridget Jones left off… Coco Pinchard picks up.
Coco was never a single thirty-something. She married young, had a son, and put her dream to be a writer on hold.

Now her first novel is published. Husband Daniel has greyed nicely into a silver fox, and son Rosencrantz is grown up. It should be time to enjoy life.

That is until the annual family Christmas with her hideous mother-in-law Ethel, and Coco opens her gift from Daniel. It’s not the jewellery she chose, but an iPhone. This marks the start of Daniel’s mid-life crisis and she catches him in bed with a younger woman.

The iPhone becomes a confessional of sorts, through emails to her friends Chris, an ageing trustafarian and Marika a slightly alcoholic schoolteacher.

Then she meets the hunky Adam and she’s back in the world of dating as a single forty something…

Read the emails which tell the hilarious tale of Coco picking up the pieces.

Sounds like the perfect Labor Day weekend read — and the perfect price too. And, if you don’t have time this weekend to read it, no worries. You’re purchasing it, so it will be ready for you whenever you have time.

Do you know of any other free books?

Thanks Emily!

Free Kindle Book: 100 Easy Camping Recipes

Free Kindle Book: 100 Easy Camping Recipes

What are you doing to this holiday weekend?


If you are, you wanna take this free book with you.

Right now, you can get the eBook 100 Easy Camping Recipes Kindle edition on Amazon for free. I love free books, and love Maria for finding this one.

Speaking of free books, don’t forget about the other free food books you can get right now too:

FREE 4th of July diabetes recipe book

FREE Summer Dessert recipe book

FREE Curtis Stone cookbook

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Amazon: Happily Married With Kids Book For Free [[Kindle]]

Amazon: Happily Married With Kids Book For Free [[Kindle]]

How Mother’s Day appropriate.

Right now, you can get the book Happily Married with Kids for free on Amazon. The Kindle version is free [[and free for anyone; some books, like The Hunger Games are free for Prime members only]].
If you don’t have a Kindle yet, you can actually pick one up for only $79 on Amazon. That’s the basic one [[and yeah, I’m kinda snobby and would want the Fire, but that’s just me]].
This book is really Mother’s Day friendly because it’s “with kids.” I haven’t read this because one] I’m not married and two] I don’t have kids. But this book is good for tons of other people who one] are married and two] have kids.
Thanks to my friend Emily for letting me know about this deal. Do you know of any other books that are free right now?