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Victoria’s Secret: Good Deal Alert — Up To 40% Off PINK NFL Gear

Victoria’s Secret: Good Deal Alert — Up To 40% Off PINK NFL Gear

With the way Sanchez played on Sunday, and how he single-handed threw away the season [[literally; dude had four INTs on Sunday when I stopped counting]], Jets apparel should be at least 90% off.

Not quite. Victoria’s Secret is offering up to 40% off select PINK NFL items.
I’m still so sick over the Jets I can’t even look. But if you’re on team Green Bay, you might be able to get some cheap stuff to wear during the team’s Super Bowl run.
Stop & Shop: FREE New York Giants Window Cling

Stop & Shop: FREE New York Giants Window Cling

Stop and Shop has a promo going on where, if you buy certain products, you’ll receive a catalina for a free New York Giants window cling.

Now, as you know, I’m a Jets fan. But Pete, God help him, is a Giants fan.

When I saw this catalina coupon mixed in with the other catalina coupons from our trip the other day, I knew I had to go pick it up for him.

I walked in the store, and at the display was a window cling of Brandon Jacobs. I got super excited because that’s Pete’s fave player.

When I went to customer service to get my cling, I was offered Lawrence Tynes. The kicker. Um, no thanks. Do you have anyone else? I asked.

I have this guy, said the lady who was working. “This guy” referred to Giants QB Eli Manning. You know, the not famous Manning QB.

Are you sure you don’t have the guy on the display? I asked. She said no. So I took Manning, even though after the way the threw interceptions like it was his job yesterday … ugh, maybe I should gone with the kicker.

Papa John’s: Papa Rewards

Papa John’s: Papa Rewards

Football season is here and I’m officially without husband until the season is over. All visit and outings must be schedule around the games. At least Papa John’s is giving me something to look forward this season: a chance to score a free pizza.

Every week from September 15 to January 15, 60,000 new and existing Papa Rewards members will receive a free large Papa John’s Pizza. Sign up for Papa Rewards [[here]]

If you are one of the 60,000 lucky members, 20 points will be deposited to your Papa Rewards account and you will be able to redeem them for a free large pizza.

You can also earn 1 point for every $5 you spend at Papa John’s

Thank God It’s Football

Thank God It’s Football

Football season started on Thursday, which means I had to start coming up with clever ways to pick for my pool [[the team with most vowels; the favorites; the ones with the cutest quarterbacks]] It also means that stores can roll out their football promos.

Today and tomorrow, September 13 and 14, if you sit at the bar at Friday’s for Sunday football or Monday night football, you’ll get six free Buffalo Wings [[boneless or traditional with celery and Bleu Cheese or Ranch]].

There’s no two-drink minimum or any stipulations like that, and if the Jets actually win, you don’t get double wings — but you do get to stare at the cute guy, so that’s good.