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Amazon: Flogging Molly For $3.99 [[St. Pat’s Deals]]

Amazon: Flogging Molly For $3.99 [[St. Pat’s Deals]]

So, as we’ve seen in the past with Amazon deals, they can change any time. And since this one is holiday specific, well, it could change really soon.

Flogging Molly, my fave Irish punk band, is on sale at Amazon. Right now, you can get Flogging Molly’s Float for only $3.99.
Personally, I love love love the Drunken Lullabies album, which has What’s Left of the Flag [[my fave Flogging Molly song]]. You can get that from Amazon via this link for only $5.
Totally worth it.
Not that you’ll have it in time for your St. Patrick’s Day party of anything, but there’s always next year.
Amazon: The Hunger Games Trilogy Went Down In Price

Amazon: The Hunger Games Trilogy Went Down In Price

Maybe I’m the only one excited about this. I run that risk. But, maybe I’m not.

I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games. Absolutely obsessed. When the commercial comes on, I shush people. It’s how I roll.
I’ve been stalking the hardcover trilogy online for a while now. It comes out next Wednesday and is only $30 on Amazon.
It was $32+ last week. I know, that’s only a savings of $2, but I’m cheap. Two bucks makes me very excited.
See, I usually turn my Swagbucks into Amazon gift cards. And a $5 card is 450 bucks. So $2 is 180 bucks, and it takes a while to earn that. So yup, this is very exciting to me.
Amazon: FREE Classical Sampler

Amazon: FREE Classical Sampler

I was in orchestra from second to twelfth grade, so I do have a soft spot for classical music.

If you do too, you can get a free sampler. Head over to this link and you can the Allegro Classical Winter 2012 sampler for free.
It has eight songs that you can get either individually or as a whole. Either way, they’re free.
There are actually a bunch of samplers that you can get for free. Just check out this link to see the options.
Let us know if you see anything else worth getting.
Amazon: Moneyball For 25 Cents [[Kindle Edition]]

Amazon: Moneyball For 25 Cents [[Kindle Edition]]

We’ve seen so many deals for a quarter on Amazon. Kindle eBooks and music alike.

So I figured I’d scroll through the books and see what else was super cheap.
And then I found Moneyball by Michael Lewis for 25 cents on Amazon. This is the Kindle edition only. But, remember, you can download a Kindle app on your iPhone, iTouch, and iPad and still read this book for the cost of a phone call [[wait, are pay phones still $.25?]].

This book, if it sounds familiar, is what the Brad Pitt movie of the same name was based on.
I saw this and I figured it had to be a typo. I clicked the link a million times before writing this post.

It never changed.

Some of the other deals have gone back up to regular price, so get this now because who knows when it will change.
Also, don’t forget, you can get Guns N Roses’ Greatest Hits for only 25 cents too.

Have you seen any other super cheap books or albums?

Amazon: No Sales Tax In Arizona [[Maybe]]

Amazon: No Sales Tax In Arizona [[Maybe]]

I was listening to the radio on the way home, and I tuned into the all news station. It’s not a boring all news station [[not usually anyway]].

So, all of a sudden, they were talking about Arizona. And I thought, my friend Sheryl is from Arizona. A lot of our readers are from Arizona. So I started to listen.
Turns out, Arizona was mad at Amazon over taxes. See, Amazon charges tax in five states — one of which is New York, ugh — where it either has brick and mortar stores or offices. Arizona is not one of those five. But the state decided the Amazon owed it something like $50 million in taxes not collected for a four-year period. The would have to sell a boatload of Kindle Fires to pay that bill.
But I guess that bill got shot down. The radio didn’t say why, so I don’t know. But it looks like you Amazon shoppers from Arizona just dogged a bullet there because paying tax on Amazon orders — after not paying tax for a long time — is really annoying.
Amazon: Guns N Roses’ Greatest Hits For 25 Cents

Amazon: Guns N Roses’ Greatest Hits For 25 Cents

All of a sudden, a ton of albums are coming up only 25 cents on Amazon. In the last week, we had Lady Antebellum and Coldplay. Then there was Drake this morning [[if you head to this link, you can still get the mp3-version of Drake’s album for 25 cents]].

Now, Lindsay left a comment letting us know that Guns N Roses’ Greatest Hits is only a quarter. Head over to this link to download it.
It included my fave November Rain, but also Sweet Child O’Mine, Patience, Paradise City, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Don’t Cry, Live and Let Die and more … [[wow, GNR had a lot of hits]]

Since everyone has an mp3 player [[I’m obsessed with my iTouch]], it doesn’t matter that these are mp3 downloads. You’re gonna make the songs digital anyway.

One song is 99 cents, so an album for 25% that is such a good deal. These prices can — and have — changed quickly, so definitely snag this now.
I’m gonna look around Amazon to see if anything else comes up this low price. If you hear of anything, let us know.