Carvel: My Shopping Trip (Weight Watchers Friendly … Kind Of)

I was flipping through the coupons yesterday and I saw one for BOGO at Sundae Dashers at Carvel.

They looked amazing.

I convinced my mom that we should go out for them. And while we were doing our weekly drugstore run, we did.


It took a little twisting my mom’s arm because they’re not very Weight Watchers friendly. We ended up getting it with Carvelite ice cream (which my mom is convinced is called “Thinny Thin”) so it was only 35 calories an ounce.

And we both opted for no whipped cream to save on calories (well, my mom did it for the calories; I did it because of her).

These are $4.99 each, and we got two for that price. That’s a savings of 50%. And, since my mom’s was the free one, it was free of calories.


You should comment and tell her that’s so. It’ll make her feel less guilty.