Where To Buy Heart-Shaped Food For Valentine’s Day

Last minute Valentine's Day meal planning? Check out this list of heart-shaped food you can pick up!Can you believe it’s already Valentine’s Day? February is flying by. If today caught you unprepared, and you don’t have a menu planned for tonight, don’t worry. I put together a really fun list of where to buy heart-shaped food for Valentine’s Day. That will make your table so festive — and so easy.

My favorite.

I’m actually picking up a few of these for our Valentine’s Day dinner because we have plans tonight, so we don’t really have time to cook and clean before we go out. Plus, it’s all heart-shaped. How could I not?

Where To Buy Heart-Shaped Food For Valentine’s Day

Auntie Anne’sHeart-shaped pretzel.

Baskin-Robbins: Heart-shaped cake (and get $3 off here).

Dunkin’ Donuts: Heart-shaped doughnuts.

Great American Cookie Co.:Heart-shaped cookie cake .

Krispy Kreme: Heart-shaped doughnuts. Plus, get a free glazed doughnut when you buy coffee.

Papa Murphy’s: Heart-shaped pizza.

Pizza Hut: Heart-shaped pizza.

Starbucks: Heart Sugar Cookie.

Valentino’s: Heart-shaped pizza.

Do you know of any other places?