Amazon: Kindle Possibly Only $9

cheap kindleThis is not working for everyone. But it’s working for some people, and that’s why I’m posting it.

Right now, if you head over to this link, you might receive a coupon for $40 or $60 off any new Kindle or Kindle Fire. Aria said she got one for $20 off.

I didn’t get it but that photo is one Jus Shawna posted a photo on Drugstore Divas’ Facebook page of her offer. She got one for $40 off.

A Kindle starts at $69 so if you got an offer for $60, the Kindle is only $9.

Yeah, that’s an amazing deal.

If you didn’t get an offer, don’t worry. You can still score a free voucher for 20% off a refurbished Kindle. The Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire Tablet is only $99, so about $80 after the voucher. That’s not bad (but $9 is better).

Thanks Time 2 Save Workshops.

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