Amazon: K-Cups As Low As $.32 (Round Up)

k cups dealsI love K-Cups, but I hate how expensive they are. I mean, sure, it’s cheaper than buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but it’s not cheaper than a can of coffee.

Well, unless you find a good deal.

I found a bunch of K-Cups deals on Amazon, as low as $.32. As always, prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time.

Our cheapest this week is the San Francisco Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend for only $0.32 per K-Cup. I like breakfast blends, so I’m stoked about this.

Waiting for the coffee shops to get pumpkin in? Make your own. Get Grove Square Pumpkin Spice for just $0.48 per K-Cup.

Like spending under $.50 a cup? Pick up the Diedrich Rio Blend for only $0.49 per K-Cup.

This one sounds amazing. The Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream for only $0.57 per K-Cup.

My new fave brand is Donut House. Right now, you can get Donut House Light Roast Coffee for only $0.57 per K-Cup.

If you like flavored coffee, you’ll like the Van Houtte French Vanilla for just $0.59 per K-Cup!

If you’re into decaf (you’re not me because I need my caffeine) but you can get Green Mountain Decaf Coffee for just $0.60 Per K-Cup.

You can also pick up Timothy’s Decaf Colombian for only $0.60 per K-Cup (but none for me, thanks).

If you are a Starbucks fan but hate the price, you can buy the Starbucks Carmel Flavored Coffee for only $0.62 per K-Cup.

And finally, the Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend is only $0.63 Per K-Cup.