5 Clothing Items For Your Husband’s Stocking

What are you putting in your husband's stocking this year? Check out this list of 5 Clothing Items For Your Husband's Stocking to help you decide. It's at www.drugstoredivas.net.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that it’s all Christmas all the time in our house right now. I’ve snapped a lot of Christmas images.

We put up our tree and lights, sent out cards, and this weekend, I started wrapping presents. Snap, snap, snap.

But back to presents. I’ve been buying them on and off since October whenever I find something my recipients might like. Then, I put them in our gift closet until our tree is up.

I have a bunch for Pete’s stocking, including a lot of clothing items. I figured if you’re looking for gift ideas, this post could help you out.

5 Clothing Items For Your Husband’s Stocking

1. Hat.
A few Christmases ago, I gave Pete a knit hat. He absolutely loved it, until this year when he couldn’t find it. So I ordered the a similar one for him for this year for Christmas. It rolls up nicely and will fit perfectly in his Christmas stocking.

2. Socks.
I buy Pete socks every year for Christmas. But not a bag of five pairs of boring white socks. Instead, I get him one really fun print a year. My brother once said “white socks are a wasted opportunity” so I don’t often buy white socks if I can help it.

3. Scarf.
Wintertime means it gets cold out, so a scarf is always a good winter item to have. If your husband doesn’t have one, or if he is always stealing yours, put a scarf in his stocking.

4. T-shirt.
We have really large stockings. They can’t fit a pair of pants, but they can fit a t-shirt. A funky t-shirt is a fun stocking stuffer. Anything with long sleeves is more of a box under the tree sort of gift.

5. Boxers.
Fun socks need fun boxers. So a pair in your husband’s stocking is a fun idea. I’ve actually seen a lot of cute Christmas-themed boxers in stores this year, so that’s a fun idea.

Which of these clothing items for your husband’s stocking are you buying this year?