3 Tips To The Perfect Wedding From A Marriage Celebrant In Melbourne #spon

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perfect-weddingMost people make plans throughout the day, without giving too much thought about what it is they’re planning. They make plans for lunch, or for a weekend getaway. Yet nothing is as important as planning for one’s wedding. Many couples take a year – or more – to plan the perfect wedding. Of course, one person’s idea of a “perfect wedding” may be completely different from another’s. But generally speaking, everyone has the same idea of what they want to happen at their dream wedding. In short, they want the idea they have in their head to unfold in real life on their big day. Here are three tips to help make that happen, courtesy of a well-respected marriage celebrant Melbourne brides love.

1. The venue. When you read a book or watch a movie, one of the most influential aspects of the story is the setting. Your wedding is an important story in your life; therefore you should take great care to consider the setting. Your venue may depend on what time of year you’re holding your wedding. For example, you may not be able to enjoy an outdoor landscape during cooler (or even extremely hot) months. But think about the look and feel of the day. Do you want a natural backdrop? Do you want a garden or a vineyard? Or do you prefer a church background? Keep all of this in mind as you choose your venue.

2. The food. Not only do you have to consider the types of food you’ll serve, but you’ll have to determine how you’ll serve it. If you hold your wedding in a refurbished barn, one popular choice is to have a buffet-like style of service, where your guests go up and serve themselves as they please. But this lax approach may not work with more formal settings. Be sure to offer meat and vegetarian options and, in this day and age, offer gluten-free options as well.

3. The marriage celebrant. Your wedding will come together nicely as long as you have an experienced and compassionate marriage celebrant in Melbourne by your side. The marriage celebrant is like the conductor of your symphony. Be sure you interview several celebrants early on in the process and choose one who not only comes with referrals and experience, but also who also seems to fit the mold of your dream day.

A lot of time, effort and planning go into your wedding day. Make sure you plan the perfect day by choosing the right venue, food, and celebrant. Couples in Melbourne looking to get married often turn to Amanda Pattie for their marriage celebrant.