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Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter #SierraTradingPost #TrailTime #spon

Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter #SierraTradingPost #TrailTime #spon

This post — Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter — is sponsored.

Get ready for winter with these Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter from’s getting cold.

Okay, not here in North Carolina. Gate Night was yesterday and I wore shorts. And we slept with the air conditioning on. And the night before, I wore a spaghetti strap dress. But it’s getting colder other places right now. New York, where we’re from, already had a bit of snow. And in a couple weeks, it’ll be chilly here too. That might get you reaching for the heat. It can get expensive to keep that on all night long, so we’ve put together a few tips to keep your family warm this winter — that don’t include turning on the heat.

If you have your own tips, be sure to leave those in the comments. We’d love to hear what you do to stay warm!

Tips To Keep Your Family Warm This Winter

Wear A Long Jacket
Wearing a jacket is definitely a must when it’s cold. Plus, a long jacket like this The North Face Miss Metro Down Parka from Sierra Trading Post is a good choice. I hate short jackets that allow a bit of wind to blow on your lower back. That sends a chill up your spine that never leaves! A long jacket prevents that.

You also want to make sure to have gloves and a hat in your jacket pocket. I actually keep a pair in every jacket, so I always have a set no matter what jacket I wear. And a scarf is great too!

Cook Soup
I am such a fan of making soup in the winter. I’ll find all different recipes online and make them in either the slow cooker or the stove top. Serve them warm (okay, I probably serve them too warm), and they will warm up your family’s bellies.

What I really like about soup is how well it freezes. You can make a huge batch, serve it, freeze the leftovers, and then pull them out on a day when you’ve spent it outside playing in the snow and you’re too tired to cook a meal.

Speaking of soup, the one in the photo is our Cauliflower Soup. It’s definitely one of my favorite winter meals.

Use Boots
If it snows by you, boots are so important. If your kid — or even you — are outside in the snow in sneakers, your feet will get so cold. And that will flow through your entire body. So boots are a must. I love these cute Kamik Backwood Pac Boots from Sierra Trading Post. They have a heat-reflective liner and waterproof construction to keep out the elements, so you won’t have to worry about cold toes.

I would pair these boots with snowboarding socks, even if you’re not snowboarding in them. Those are the only socks that kept my feet really warm in cold New York winters, so I swear by them now.

snuggleSeriously, one of my favorite things to do is to snuggle. And when the weather is right, it’s perfect. Grab a blanket and have a family snuggle while watching TV. It really doesn’t get much better than that as far as family bonding.

Plus, when you are all snuggled together and sharing body heat, everyone stays warm — no matter what the weather is doing outside.

What tips do you have to keep your family warm in the winter? Be sure to leave them for us in the comments. And if you want to pick up some new warm, winter gear for your family, check out Sierra Trading Post. You can get free shipping on orders of $75 or more, now through November 14. This is valid within the 48 contiguous U.S. states only.

Cents Of Style: Blanket Scarves Only $12.95 (Today Only!)

Cents Of Style: Blanket Scarves Only $12.95 (Today Only!)

This post about blanket scarves was written for Drugstore Divas.

blanket scarfWhen it’s cold and snowy and dreary outside, is there anything better than curling up with a cozy blanket? While the answer to that is obviously “No,” it’s still probably pretty safe to say most of us would like to avoid the Snuggie look, right? (At least when we’re out in public.) Here to save the day is the blanket scarf. Now, especially for those of us maybe a little more vertically challenged than others, a blanket scarf sounds like a lot of material to work with, which can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! This cold weather favorite is versatile, giving you plenty of options for helping you stay warm — and look great all season long too. We’re going to give you few easy times you’d love to have this affordable fall and winter accessory.

Blanket Scarf Tips:
*Tailgating! Buy a scarf in your favorite team colors and wear it to a tailgate. You have a scarf and a blanket for those chilly games.
*Gifts! Teacher gifts, best friend gifts, mother-in-law gifts, hostess gifts … gifts for you, too. We’re not picky — everyone is going to love these.
*Wear to dinner! You’ll be the one that doesn’t catch a chill and looks fabulously on trend at the same time.
*Family photos! Need we say more? Tie those colors together, and look fabulous for those photos.

No reason not to let yourself get wrapped up in the comfort and ease of wearing a blanket scarf. Steal the style today for just $12.95 with the code BLANKETTREAT.

Looking for more style posts? Check out our posts on how to style a swing dress and how to style leggings.

Giveaway: Win A DreamWorks Trolls Gift Pack (Ends 11/4)

Giveaway: Win A DreamWorks Trolls Gift Pack (Ends 11/4)

trollsprizepackWho is excited about the DreamWorks Trolls movie, coming out on November 4? I used to collect them when I was little. So, my gosh, if this was out when I was young, I’d be all over it. I would be begging to see the movie and wanting to collect all the paraphernalia.

Which is why I’m kind of in love with the fact that Sparkling Ice (the makers of flavored sparkling waters) has joined together with DreamWorks Animations to create an “UnconTROLLable Flavor” campaign — featuring a variety of new cans with the Trolls images. The Sparkling Ice UnconTROLLable Rewards program will reward you for buying too! Make a purchase, snap a photo of your receipt, and get great rewards! Head over to to find out more.

Speaking of Sparkling Ice, I actually used one of these bottles to create DIY Flower Gift Bags. Just head over to that link for the tutorial. If you do make them, be sure to let me know! I would love to see how yours come out, especially if you make them with a Sparkling Ice bottle!

Now, if your kids are begging to see this movie and in love with Trolls, this is the part you’re waiting for! We are helping to give away a DreamWorks Trolls prize pack, filled with Sparkling Ice beverages, Trolls-branded notepad/stationary, a Trolls cup, photo props, a Trolls character stress ball, and a pair of tickets to see Trolls. There will be one lucky winner, so I hope it’s a Drugstore Divas reader!

To enter, just use the form below. You must be a US resident who is 18 or older. The giveaway is open now and ends at 11:59pm EST on November 4,


Drugstore Divas received no compensation for this DreamWorks Trolls giveaway, is not responsible for prize fulfillment, and has no affiliation with the brand(s).

Top Ten Gifts For Cat Lovers #NationalCatDay

Top Ten Gifts For Cat Lovers #NationalCatDay

Drugstore Divas received one of these items for this top ten gifts for cat lovers post. Additional items were not compensated, Drugstore Divas has no relationship with them, and all thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

gifts for cat lovers


Do you love cats? Do you have a friend who love cats? You’re in luck. Because today is National Cat Day. And in honor of it, I put together a really fun list of the Top Ten Gifts for Cat Lovers. There are whimsy items, practical items, and a bag of cat-shaped pasta (that I can’t quite decide if it’s amazing or odd. I’m going with amazing). There are so many ideas on this list, you’ll want to celebrate National Cat Day all week long — or, if you do own a cat, you know that little feline is celebrated all day, every day. So you might as well celebrate its wnr with a fun gift on this list (especially if you are the owner!).

Top Ten Gifts For Cat Lovers

  1. Personalized Pillow Accent Throw Pillow From Personal Creations
  2. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats
  3. Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser
  4. Modern Minute’s Fashionable Feline Chiffon Feel Cat Scarf
  5. Enesco Our Name is Mud Cat Mom Mug
  6. Cuddly Kittens Sip ‘N Go Travel Mug
  7. Magnetic Poetry Kit: The Cat Lover
  8. Willow Tree Kindness Girl
  9. JJMax Women’s Cat Socks Set
  10. Cat Lovers Pasta


I love this Personalized Pillow Accent Throw Pillow from Personalized Creations. We actually had it made of my grandma’s cat Sox — who I affectionately call my aunt Sox, since she’s basically my grandma’s youngest child. The photo quality on the pillow is amazing — especially considering it’s a photo from my phone. The pillow comes with the case and pillow itself, which was a bit of a surprise since so many pillow covers come without a pillow.

The pillow is so funny because it’s a huge picture of Sox. I laughed when I saw it and so did Pete. I brought it to my grandma and she laughed and so did my parents. It was great, well, for everyone except Sox. She runs from it, which is funny in itself, actually. Personalized Creations has a ton of photo gifts for you to order for National Cat Day or any upcoming holidays. Be sure to check out the site here.

Purchase here.

The title of this book — I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats — is pretty gross, to be honest, but any cat owner will get it. If a cat wants to be a jerk, well, it will be a jerk. You still love him, of course, but you curse it as you’re scrubbing your carpet with cleaner and paper towels. You get the idea. You’ve been there.

Purchase here.

I’ve seen this Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser a bunch of times in stores, but I never bought it — mostly because I have a novelty Post-it holder that is purse-shaped, and one is enough. If you know a cat fan, though, this is perfect for his or her office desk. Plus, none of his or her coworkers will be able to steal Post-it pads anymore either.

Purchase here.

I recently started wearing scarves, so they’re my new favorite accessory, making the Modern Minute’s Fashionable Feline Chiffon Feel Cat Scarf such a great idea for a cat lover like me. From afar, you can’t quite tell what the pattern is, but up close, oh, just so perfect.

It comes in three different colors, which, you cat lady you, probably read as “blah blah blah buy three.”

Purchase here.

For some people, their cats are their kids, so this Enesco Our Name is Mud Cat Mom Mug is perfect if you — or your friend — love cats and coffee. And if you do, well, you jusst might as well be my new BFF because we have a lot in common already.

Purchase here.

If you really love cats and you really love coffee, you really need this Cuddly Kittens Sip ‘N Go Travel Mug. Better to have all those cats in a mug than in a house. At least, I think so anyway. You might disagree — and that might be how you found this post in the first place!

Purchase here.

I don’t love fridge magnets, but I’m a big fan of magnetic poetry. There’s something so fun about rearranging it and writing hilarious things. And that makes the Magnetic Poetry Kit: The Cat Lover so appealing. I might actually have to pick it up for myself and put it in my Christmas stocking!

Purchase here.

Need a gift for me? This. Get me this Willow Tree Kindness Girl. For my birthday next month. Or Christmas. Or because you love me. Whatever the case is, buy me this. It warms my heart so much, I can’t even explain it. I just love it, and so will anyone you gift it to.

Purchase here.

I’ll be honest: I have the owl version of this JJMax Women’s Cat Socks Set and I wear them all the time. They’re just so cute, so I have high hopes that this cat set will be just as adorable! Plus, the socks are sold as a set but actually come as individual pairs. So you can buy one set and then give them out to a few of your friends. Sounds like easy stocking suffers if you ask me.

Purchase here.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for: Cat Lovers Pasta. This is what you should eat on National Cat Day, and what you should make for your cat loving friends on every birthday. Just boil, add some sauce, and your cat-centric dinner is served!

Purchase here.

Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so be sure to review your total at checkout. For more Amazon deals, be sure to check out our Amazon deals link.

Cents Of Style: All Leggings Starting At $7.98 Shipped (Today Only!)

Cents Of Style: All Leggings Starting At $7.98 Shipped (Today Only!)

leggings saleI love leggings. It took me a long time to really get into them and appreciate them. I always just looked at them as slim yoga pants. When I got my first pair, I fell in love. They’re so comfy and, paired with the right top, so cute.

And now, oh geez. I have a couple pairs of solids, a patterned pair, and another on the way. Plus, after today, I think I’ll have one more on the way too.

Today through October 30, you can get all leggings for 50% off from Cents of Style with the code LEGGING16. They start at $7.98 and all pairs are under $10. And everything ships free always from Cents of Style! There are a ton of styles and colors to choose from. There are solid colored, patterned, and even textured leggings. And Christmas leggings!! Get them now so you’ll be ready for December!

Even better, you’ll get a pair of earrings free with every order today too.

How To Style Leggings

If you’ve never worn leggings before, I have a few quick outfit ideas for you:

With boots.
These are great with boots, which I have quite a few pairs of. Like more than any one person living in North Carolina probably should. But I brought them all with me from New York, so it’s okay.

With a long shirt.
You can also pair them with a long shirt, perhaps a tunic. They are pretty form fitting, so a short shirt isn’t exactly what you want to wear with these.

With a hoodie.
The cold weather is coming, so it’s time to break out the oversized sweatshirts. Pair a big sweatshirt with tight leggings and you have a perfect match. 

Free Magazine: Weight Watchers Magazine

Free Magazine: Weight Watchers Magazine

free weight watchers magazineI’m trying to be healthy and make better decisions. That includes eating better. Of course, I could use some help in that department. Thank goodness for this free subscription to Weight Watchers magazine.

Right now, you can get a free subscription to Weight Watchers magazine. This is for a full year of the magazine, which is great. It always goes quickly, so hurry and get yours. And, if you’re like me and already subscribe, you can use this to extend your subscription.

This magazine is great, if you don’t already know. The magazine has recipes (that are amazing!), articles about women who have lost the weight (and their inspiring before and after photos), and more.

If you’re on Weight Watchers, check out our recipe for 1 point plus Weight Watchers Lemon Muffins or our very popular Carrot Cake Weight Watchers Muffins. I also have a recipe for Weight Watchers-friendly Funfetti Muffins. They’re all really great recipes because even though I call them muffins (since that’s how they were introduced to me), they’re sort of like cupcakes without the frosting. I’ve used a similar recipe to make Mint Chocolate Muffins too.

Does anyone here do Weight Watchers? Be sure to leave your favorite Weight Watchers recipes in the comments. Or leave us your favorite healthy recipes in the comments. We’re always looking for new ideas!

For more freebies, be sure to check out our free stuff link.