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Best Buy: Check Out Adobe PhotoShop Elements #BestLifeEver #PSE #ad

Best Buy: Check Out Adobe PhotoShop Elements #BestLifeEver #PSE #ad

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

When we got engaged, we took a really sweet selfie. I wanted to use it in our engagement party invitations, but the card making software I was using kept yelling at me. I was getting a bright yellow triangle — which apparently meant my photo was too grainy to print.

I understood. It was a selfie, taken on my phone, at night, by hands that had just gotten engaged. It was neither steady or ideal … and still, it was perfect. Perfect for me, not for my card printer.

I remember very desperately asking on Facebook to see if anyone had editing software to somehow magically upgrade my photo. And, luckily, someone stepped in with Adobe PhotoShop. She was able to turn my grainy photo clear enough that the yellow error triangle disappeared from my life.

Just look at that photo above. The left side is the normal selfie and the right side is the post-PhotoShop selfie. Such a huge difference.

If you’re a casual or beginner photographer (like we are; we haven’t even had our DSLR six months), you’ll want to check out Adobe PhotoShop Elements. It’s geared towards the novice. If you’re more advance, you’ll want to check out Adobe PhotoShop Creative Cloud.

Some of the features in Elements are

  • Bye-Bye, Camera Shake (remove the camera shake from unsteady hands)
  • Never a Hazy Day (remove haze from photos)
  • 34 Guided Edits
  • Great Looks for Any Photo (enhanced effects)
  • Selecting is a Snap (you don’t have to be very specific when choosing an item to crop)
  • Quick Edits Made Easier
  • And more

There’s a learning curve with it, so if you’re like me and want everything instantly easy, you’ll have to keep calm. But once you sit down and work at it, your photos will be incredible. For someone like me who blogs for a living, this is ideal. 

Have you played around with PhotoShop? What do you like about it?

Girls Night In Catered By Zoes Kitchen #zoescaters #spon

Girls Night In Catered By Zoes Kitchen #zoescaters #spon

Zoes Kitchen provided items and a gift card for this review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

When we host parties, we usually cook. But this time of year, we just don’t have the time. Pete and I are both working 14 hour days and my parents and grandma just moved in down the block. Any free time we have, we spend with them.

So we wanted to throw them a welcome to the neighborhood party last Sunday … but after spending the majority of Sunday helping them move their furniture and boxes out of the PODS in their new driveway, we didn’t have time to cook a feast for the party. Enter Zoes Kitchen. I called the Mediterranean restaurant on Saturday night to see if I could pick up a catering order on Sunday afternoon.

The associate who answered the phone said it wasn’t a problem. He took my order (which was super easy since I was ordering a pre-made package, although you can order a la carte) and said it would be ready for pick up the next day.


It was ready exactly when it should be … all three huge bags of food. There was no way I was going to be able to carry it all to my car, but I was going to attempt to try. Except I didn’t have to. Another associate helped me carry the bags to the car (thank goodness because it would have been impossible alone).

When I started setting up for the party, I set out a black and white table runner that matched these cute food tags that I had been sent (they did not come with the catering package I picked up from Zoes). We set up napkins and plates on one end, followed by the food: chicken, tuna, and turkey pitas; assorted fruit; hummus; pimento cheese; pita bread; cucumbers; orzo “tabouli”; and a gallon of limeade (which, it was noted, goes great with tequila).


We actually did set up a margarita station with the limeade, tequila, and salted-rim glasses. The margaritas were a hit. The limeade was too. Funny aside: my grandma had never, in her 94 years of life ever had limeade. My dad was trying to explain what it was, but she wasn’t getting it. So, finally, I said it was lemonade but made from limes and she was good to go.

Everyone went back for seconds. Part of it was because the plates we used were a bit too tiny to hold everything and part of it was because everything was so good. The food was really fresh and had a ton of flavor, while almost completely lacking condiments. None of the pitas had any mayo on them, which we all noticed. The chicken was seasoned so well and the tuna was made with olives and capers, so we didn’t miss it there. The turkey, however, could have benefited from something because it was really plain. I ended up scooping a bit of the pimento cheese inside and it was delicious.


That pimento cheese was my favorite out of everything. I thought I would really like the orzo tabouli. In fact, I was looking forward to that most of all, but it fell a little flat for me. I added a sprinkle of salt and that helped, but I wasn’t crazy about it. Pete really liked it though, especially the fresh herb on top, so it depends on your taste buds. 

Everyone loved the hummus. It was definitely a crowd pleaser. We make hummus at home, but we never put in tahini (mostly because we just don’t ever have it in the cabinet). This hummus had it and what a difference it makes. Plus, it was so smooth. Ours is usually a little thicker, but this was thin, smooth, and delicious.


This is meant to feed 8 to 10 people and it definitely will. You might even be able to feed 12, if there are kids. It comes with a total of 20 pita sandwiches so that’s where the 10 comes from. But there was so much of the other items that you really could get away with eating one pita and filling your plate with the other delicious items on the menu.

The only thing I added myself was a cookie. It was just over $2 for a cookie, which sounds like a lot … but consider this: five people shared it. Yup, I cut the three-chocolate chocolate chip cookie into five equal pieces and everyone had a taste. That delicious two-bite morsel was such a satisfying end to a great meal.

Zoes Kitchen has other catering packages, including the Game Day Goodies. That pack comes with kabobs and a potato salad that looks amazing. I might have to host the Super Bowl party this year, just so I have an excuse to order that catering package.

Which item from our party would you have liked to try?


New Product Review: Poise Impressa

New Product Review: Poise Impressa

poise-impressa-1My mom told me a story the other day and I was laughing so hard, tears were coming down my face. Luckily for me, when I laugh like that, tears are the worst that happens. Other people, though, are not as lucky, you know, the ones with urinary incontinence.

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, don’t worry. Poise has come out with a new product so you can laugh (sneeze, play, whatever) without worries. It’s called Poise Impressa. Since it’s new, Poise created the sizing kit so you can figure out what works best for you. I picked one up at Walmart. It was $4.97 but there’s a $2 off printable coupon, via that link, making it just $2.97. The kit comes with two applicators in three sizes (for a total of six).
poise-impressa-2I opened the pack and noticed that these look very similar tampons. They are in a plastic wrapper like tampons too, but they are not tampons. You can’t interchange them. See, a tampon absorbs leaks and Poise Impressa actually stops them.

You can head over to this link and watch a video and read some FAQs about Poise Impressa. If this isn’t for you, maybe you’d prefer some of Poise’s traditional pads. You can request a free sample of those at this link. Samples for Poise Impressa aren’t available, but you can request coupons.

poise-impressa-3Personally, urinary incontinence isn’t something that I have. So I’m going to be giving my pack to a friend to try out. She can decide which size works best and purchase a larger pack. 

Have you tried these? What do you think about them?