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Month: November 2014

Review: Snuggle’s White Lavender & Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener

Review: Snuggle’s White Lavender & Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener

This post is sponsored by the Snuggle Bear Den.

snuggle-1I’m really bad about doing laundry on a regular basis, if you want to know the truth. I work 14 hour days and laundry is just something that falls onto the “maybe tomorrow” pile. In fact, when I was planning our wedding, it fell into the “nope” pile. So when Pete asked how he could help with wedding planning, his best help was actually doing my laundry for me. I have a ton of clothes, so I was never using anything dirty, but I was getting to my crummy clothes every so often.

You know the crummy clothes, right? The ones that you wear when everything else is dirty?

Because my clothes get worn so infrequently and, as an extension, washed so infrequently, I’m excited about laundry products. I got a chance to check out Snuggle’s White Lavender & Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener.

snuggle-2Of course, I immediately loved it because it was purple. That’s enough for me. It smells of white lavende and sandalwood, which smells like candy if you’re sniffing straight from the bottle.

I poured it and was shocked at how bubbly it was. I mean, yes, you’re supposed to shake it before you open it, but I still didn’t expect it to be so frothy. After you shake it, you pour it in the top (which doubles as a cup). You can add as much or as little as you want. I had a huge load of laundry that I was squishing into one dryer (that’s what happens when you paid per load) so I added a ton of the fabric softener. My laundry needed as much help as it could get.

It says to not pour this directly on clothing, so I poured it into the designated area in the machine.


My clothes came out and I put them in the dryer. When they came out, I smelled them. I didn’t notice an overwhelming scent of lavender or sandalwood, but I did notice that my clothes didn’t feel as grimy. I had thrown in a hand towel that was just stiff from use (you know what I mean, right?). It came out really soft and fluffy, and I’m attributing that (in part, at least) to the Snuggle. We’ll see how long this extra softness lasts.

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Cyber Monday Deal — Amoils: Save 40% Off Homeopathic Oils (Lavender Oil Only $5.97 & More)

Cyber Monday Deal — Amoils: Save 40% Off Homeopathic Oils (Lavender Oil Only $5.97 & More)

lavender oilI’m a big fan of homeopathic medicines. I’d much rather put all-natural items in and on my body rather than swallowing chemicals. It’s just healthier and safer, in my opinion.

I’m actually using the H-Headaches Formula from Amoils when I get a headache. I’ll post a full review on it soon, but just let me tell you: it’s amazing. It works to relieve my headache, plus the scent is amazing. Just taking deep breaths of it is enough to stop my head from throbbing (and for someone who gets headaches a lot and was dealing with a minor migraine the other day, it’s so great to grab this instead of popping aspirin).

The H-Headaches Formula is usually $29.95, but right now, you can use the code CYBER to save 40%, making this only $17.97. Yes, it’s more than a box of aspirin, but this will last a lot longer and it’s as effective.

If you like essential oils, check out the lavender oil for $5.97 after the code CYBER. This is great to aid in relaxation.

The site has a bunch of different homeopathic oils you can get for 40% off, including ones to help with insomnia, acne, cold sores, and more.

How To Make Your Own Holiday Gift Bags

How To Make Your Own Holiday Gift Bags

diy gift bag-5I almost never buy gift bags. They’re just never something I ever pick up unless I need a filler at Walgreens. So because of that, they’re just not something I have in the house in case I need one.

It’s easy enough to just make them, though. All you need it wrapping paper, tape, and a box of some sort. Oh, I guess I can say that you need wrapping paper skills, although a lack of wrapping paper skills is probably why you want to put something in a gift bag in the first place.

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

diy gift bag-1

Cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to wrap the box.

diy gift bag-2

Wrap it just as you would a present, taping the ends and back.

diy gift bag-3

Don’t close one end. Use that to slide the box out.

diy gift bag-4

Make sure the creases are tight.

That’s it. You’re done. So super easy and it works great in a pinch. Wrapping paper that’s a little thicker will work better than a thinner paper, so if you have a few rolls to choose from, be sure to pick the thickest.

Famous Footwear: BOGO50% Sale, Plus Save An Extra 20% (Today Only!)

Famous Footwear: BOGO50% Sale, Plus Save An Extra 20% (Today Only!)

famous footwearRight now you can get a coupon for Famous Footwear, valid today, November 30.

Famous Footwear is having a buy one, get one 50% sale, plus the coupon will give you an extra 20% off (if you’re a rewards member) or 15% off (if you’re not). Shop with the coupon in stores. If you want to shop at, rewards members can use promo code THKGV20 and non-rewards members can use promo code THKGV15.

Free Sample: Dove Body Wash

Free Sample: Dove Body Wash

dove body wash sampleI love free samples of body wash. They’re great for when you go out of town for a night or two. You can just take the sample instead of packing a full-size bottle.

Right now, you can get a free sample of Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash from Sam’s Club. What’s great is you don’t need a Sam’s Club number to get this sample. Hurry and request it before that (potentially) changes.

For more freebies, be sure to check out our free samples link.

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