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Month: April 2014

Dunkin’ Donuts: My Drinking Trip

Dunkin’ Donuts: My Drinking Trip

I was running a ton of wedding errands yesterday. We have just about seven weeks until the big day, which means there is a ton to do (and a ton of people to pay).

So of course, I had to figure out a way to relax. Coffee.

Made sense to me.

I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and got my free iced coffee. This week I picked cookie dough. Oh my gosh. It was amazing. I think that’s what I’ll be getting the next two weeks.

Nielsen Home Scan Rewards: Get PAID To Shop & Win $500 Each Month & $20k Each Quarter! (It’s Back)

Nielsen Home Scan Rewards: Get PAID To Shop & Win $500 Each Month & $20k Each Quarter! (It’s Back)

My friend Mallory just let me know that Nielson Home Scan just opened in her area. She had applied a bunch of times and was always denied. So, hopefully your zip code opened this time too.

Do you want to get paid to shop? Yeah, we all do. It’s a dream.

We just went shopping and I had to pay the store, but if I was registered for Nielson Home Scan, I could have gotten paid.

See, you get a scanner and after you go shopping, you come home and scan the items.

Your scans are recorded and you earn points. You can then trade those in for electronics, toys, gift cards and more.

So easy.

Even better, if you scan every week, you will be earn an entry to win $500 every month! Each scan counts as an entry so you can get up to four chances to win every month. There are 25 winners every month. Even better, you are entered to win $20,000 every quarter. Can you imagine?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Nielsen Home Scan (aka the National Consumer Panel) by submitting your email. Only certain zip codes are eligible, but they expand every month and I was told this just reopened, so that always means new zips were added.

Free Sample: Listerine

Free Sample: Listerine

free-sample-listerineAs part of Crowdtap, I’m doing a 21-day challenge for Listerine. I got two bottles and have been using it twice daily.

If you weren’t selected, no worries. You can get a free sample of Listerine. Just look for the rectangle that says get a sample. You will have to allow popups for this.

You sample will come in six to eight weeks.

For more freebies, check out our free samples link.