2014 Holiday Shopping Updates At Drugstore Divas

We are doing our best to help you and your holiday shopping this year.

Over the weekend, you may have seen that we started posting two new images on posts. There’s the Black Friday ads image, which looks like this:

Then, there’s the top ten Amazon deals image, which looks like this:

I’m actually posting them both on the sidebar now as well so you have easy access to them.

And, new for 2014, we have a holiday shopping elf. She’s so cute. Look for her seal of approval on our favorite holiday shopping posts this holiday season.

She’ll be posted on the sidebar too so you can easily access all our favorite shopping posts.

Our goal at Drugstore Divas is to take all the aches and pains out of holiday shopping. The less time you find hunting deals, the more time you can spend baking cookies and having family time. So keep an eye out for our timesaver icons during the 2014 holiday shopping season.