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Month: August 2013

Summer Style Guide: Sensi Sandals

Summer Style Guide: Sensi Sandals

sensa1It was raining the other day and Pete was caught at the gym. He had his new Sensi sandals on and texted me, “I guess I’ll really be able to try them now.”

Okay, this requires a little backstory.

Sensi sent Pete and I each a pair of sandals for this year’s Summer Style Guide. Pete received the Regatta Basic sandal, which has a very unique bottom. The dual bottom system keeps your feet cool while removing water and sand. So as the rain was falling, he was ready to walk back to the apartment and see what happened.

He got back here with dry feet. His feet did get a little wet from the rain literally falling on them, but the bottom did accomplish its task of removing the water from his feet. The top layer actually massages your feet while you wear them, which is always great (Who doesn’t like a foot massage? It’s the best part of a pedicure).


Since these are great at removing the water, they are perfect sandals for college dorms. When I lived at school, there was absolutely no way I would step in that shower without flip flops on. You didn’t know who was in there previously with their gross feet. And athlete’s foot was just waiting to happen. These sandals are excellent to wear in any public shower: dorms, camp, the gym.

Pete absolutely loved the style of his sandal too. It was the first time he actually has owned a non-thong sandal. He loves how easy it is to slide onto his foot … and he’s really happy to not have “that annoying thing between (his) toes.” He loves the color too. The Regatta Basic comes in a variety of colors (all for $30), but the tortoise really completed his wardrobe.

Personally, though, I loved my sandals more than I loved his.


I got the Jolie sandals in black. They are so cute. I brought them on our beach vacation last month and they were perfect beach sandals. They were really easy to slip on and off when I was going from the sand into the ocean. They are adorned with a jewel on each, plus rhinestone accents on the buckle. So, when I wore them out to dinner with my dresses during the nights of our beach vacation, they matched perfectly. Everyone loved how versatile they were (and were talking about getting their own pairs).

By the end of our nine-day vacation, our feet were hurting, though. Turns out, we had both gotten blisters from them. I got one on the bottom of both my feet and Pete got blisters on the arch of both his feet. His was from the strap, he said. Mine was more just from walking with them.

We didn’t have this happen the first few days, but it happened about a week or so of pretty constant wear. If you don’t wear these daily, you shouldn’t have this happen to you, but it is something worth noting.


There are a bunch of varieties of the sandals (which are from Italy) at Sensi’s website. You can find the perfect pair for the spa or the beach. You can also pick up watches and beach bags. Speaking of the latter … oh, you’ll just have to come back to hear about those.

There is a clearance sale going on, which features clogs and kids sandals. Plus, you can save 15% off when you spend $50 or more and use the code school2013 at checkout.

When you are ordering, be sure to take a look at the sizing chart. Some sandals run true to size (like my Jolie sandals) and some run small (Pete ordered a size larger) so definitely check that out before you order.

This post is part of Drugstore Divas’ Summer Style Guide.

Drugstore Divas received these sandals for review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

Layla Grayce: Back To School Sale Going On Now

Layla Grayce: Back To School Sale Going On Now

layla grayceI can’t believe all the back to school sales happening right now. August just started and everyone is pushing back to school.

Better earlier than late, I guess.

Right now, Layla Grayce is having a back to school sale. You can get everything from bookbags to bookends. And everything is so cute.

Check out the sale and see if there’s anything your child would like.

Vistaprint: Personalized T-Shirts For Only $6 Shipped (Til 8/2)

Vistaprint: Personalized T-Shirts For Only $6 Shipped (Til 8/2)

VistaprintI really want to make personalized t-shirts for me and Pete. I don’t want us to walk around matching every day, but I do want to have them for when we do cancer walks. I have an idea in mind, just need to get someone to design it.

I’m happy to see you can just use Vistaprint.

Right now, you can get a personalized t-shirt for only $6 shipped. You can make one with your own design, your own photos, or you can use one of the pre-made templates and personalize it (or leave it as is).

I’m actually thinking about making a pair of these for us. Just gotta stop blogging for a minute and make it.

This deal is only available until August 2, so make yours soon.

Amazon: Geometric Necklace Only $1.59 Shipped

Amazon: Geometric Necklace Only $1.59 Shipped

necklaceIt’s been a few days since I’ve checked the cheap jewelry on Amazon, but I’m back checking. And there’s some cute stuff to be found.

Right now, you can get a cute geometric necklace for only $1.59 shipped. I love it.

There’s also a pretty similar triangle necklace, also for $1.59 shipped.

Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so pick up this and the other cheap jewelry before the price goes up.