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Month: August 2013

Amazon: Halloween Costumes For Pets For $20 & Under (Round Up)

Amazon: Halloween Costumes For Pets For $20 & Under (Round Up)


I can't believe it's almost Halloween. I mean, not almost. We're still two months away … but in terms of shopping we are looking at almost.

I've seen Halloween items all over (which is sort of crazy considering I've been to the beach three times this week, so it's still summer to me).

If you have plans on dressing up your pet for Halloween, get excited. I have a list of Halloween costumes for your pet that you can purchase on Amazon. As always, prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time.

Into video games? Then you'll definitely want to put your puppy into this Zelda Devil costume for only $13.75. (At least, this says it's from Zelda, but I don't remember a devil in that game)

Like your pet dressing up as another pet? Then pick up this Tortoise Costume for only $18.35.

Want another animal? How about a skunk? You can get a Lil' Stinker Costume for only $12.

Or maybe have your pup be transportation for a new friend. Purchase the Monkey Rider Costume for only $8.54.

Rather dress up your dog as a person? How about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? You can with the Dorothy Costume for only $16.84.

Or maybe a pirate in the Pirate Costume for only $20.

Or a cheerleader in this Cheerleader Costume for only $19.

If you're more into Star Wars, there's the Darth Vader Costume for only $13.99.

Not into the dark side? Then dress your pet in the Star Wars Yoda Costume for only $16.98.



Is your pet a superhero? They can be with the Batman Costume for only $13.99!




Disney: Get A Free Personalized Park Map

Disney: Get A Free Personalized Park Map

My friend Michelle requested these and they are amazing, so I wanted to repost them.

Planning a trip to Disney soon? It's so hard. There are so many parks, so much to do. What is best for your kids age group? What's best for your family?

It's all very difficult to plan.

So I'm so super excited to have found this (and especially excited for my friend Michelle who is going to Disney this summer).

Click the picture above and you will get your choice of Disney Parks. You can then pick out your favorite rides and attractions (or have the site pick out appropriate ones for you).

You can then order your personalized map — completely for free.

If you're planning on going to Disney (or have a kid who is obsessed with Mickey, or one that needs a treasure map), this is for you. I don't know how long these will be free for, so get yours now. This will come personalized with your name, favorite attractions,and more.

Amazon: Get $25 Off Diapers (Til 8/29)

Amazon: Get $25 Off Diapers (Til 8/29)

Just wanted to post a reminder since this is ending today.

If you’re a mom, you know how expensive diapers can be. Luckily, Amazon has your back.

Right now, new Amazon Mom members can save $25 on select diapers with the code BABYTIME.

How? It’s easy.

First, sign up for a free trial of Amazon Mom (it’s a three-month trial and you will not be charged if you cancel before then).

Then, head over to this link and add a package of listed diapers to your cart. Enter the code BABYTIME at checkout and you will get $25 off.

This is for members who sign up now through August 29 and this is a single-use code.

Amazon: DVDs For $5 And Under (Round Up)

Amazon: DVDs For $5 And Under (Round Up)

cheap dvdsI can’t believe how expensive DVDs are. I mean, over $30 for a movie? No thank you.

So I went through Amazon and put together a list of great DVDs for under $5. Now that’s more like it.

Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so definitely check these out now.

Know someone who loves Justin Bieber? Get them Biebermania for only $5 (although, it’s probably Biebermania at home all the time).

If your kids are too young for that, you can get Barney – Ready, Set, Play for only $5.

If you want an excuse to drool over Ryan Reynolds, get Waiting for just $5.

If you want to fall in love, Nicholas Sparks movies are the way to do it. And perfect because The Notebook is only $4.99.

Have you seen Fall Time? I haven’t, but maybe now is the time to do it since you can get Fall Time for just $4.99.

Another thing I’ve never seen, but maybe should is Final Approach. You can get Final Approach for just $4.99!

When I’m in New York, I watch Andy Griffith with my grandma every day. It’s so cute. Right now, you can pick up The Andy Griffith Show for only $4.

If that’s a little young for you, there’s The Witches of Eastwick for just $4.99!

And, to relive most people’s childhoods, you can get  The Goonies for just $4.75 and The Sandlot for only $4.99.


*HOT* Sephora: $10 Gift Card Only $5 (While Supplies Last!)

*HOT* Sephora: $10 Gift Card Only $5 (While Supplies Last!)

sephoraHot hot hot.

If you love Sephora, and really, who doesn’t, you wanna get in on this.

Starting right now, and going as long as supplies last, you can get a $10 Sephora gift card for only $5 via Groupon. This is amazing. That’s automatically 50% off. It’s like BOGO Nano eyeliners (my fave!).

This will absolutely not last long, so hurry and get this now.