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Review: Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron & Conair AdjustaCurl Self-Grip Rollers

Review: Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron & Conair AdjustaCurl Self-Grip Rollers

conair1My cousin came to visit for a week, so of course, I had to put her to work. I had a chance to review the Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron and the Conair AdjustaCurl Self-Grip Rollers, so I was waiting until she got here to review them (I mean, curlers and a curling iron weren’t exactly something I could product test with Pete).

This was her first foray into product testing, so bear with some of the dark photos and the faces (not everyone with an iPhone is a photographer, and not everyone with a camera phone in their face is a model).

We wanted to try the AdjustaCurl rollers first. They’re really cool in that you can adjust them to any size you want, and they lie flat for storage, so they take up a lot less room in your cabinet than a traditional roller.


conair2 conair3

You can use them one of two ways. One is to add volume and the other way is to use them to make curls. Since my hair is generally pretty flat, I decided to try them to add volume.

According to the side of the box, you spray with hairspray, roll the halfway, position it three inches from the roots, scoot it back two inches, then lay the rest of the hair on the flat part. Repeat. Leave for at least five minutes.

We did this all down the middle of my hair, making me look like Elvira. But the price of beauty …


After about 15 minutes, I took out the rollers (we got distracted watching the YouTube video of the Charles Ramsey interview, remixed. Can you believe she hadn’t seen Dead Giveaway? That song is so good, I actually want to buy it).

I loved that the rollers all came out together, and with such ease. The package says that they will, but I still envisioned them getting stuck in my hair. Nope, they came out easy … so did any hope of my hair having body.


I checked in the mirror as soon as we took them out … and nothing. No volume at all. Thank goodness for my cousin understanding my photo direction on this one so you can see both the back and the front view (because the volume should be somewhere). Nope. Nothing.


So I asked my cousin to try, but this time, we followed the directions on how to add curls. She put the curler in (sorta a la Pebbles Flinstone) then posed for this photo (this was her “confused on how this would work” face. Yes, she was a product review virgin. Gotta get her to do some more to work on the faces).

She told me she would leave the roller in until she went to bed. So, while we were waiting for her curl to form, we decided to try the Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron on my hair (since it didn’t catch any body from the rollers).

The curling iron is so cool. There is a button on it with an L, another with an R, and one with a C. You push the L and R buttons based on which direction you want the curl to go (the package says a curl on the right side of your head should use the R, but you can really do whatever you’d like, depending on which way you want the curls to twist). When you’re done with the curl, simply open the clip on the barrel and slide it out. Then, put the C button to bring the roller back to align in the center and try the next curl.


In March, I was in a wedding where I wanted curls. My uncle owns a salon, so when I was there, he had an employee curl my hair to show me exactly what to do. I taught this to my cousin who actually styled my hair for the wedding, so this was sorta deja vu.

It took one curl to really get the hang of how to take the barrel out, and after that, it was smooth sailing.

My cousin had used an auto-rotating curler before, and she said it just made a big knot of her hair, so she was really concerned that this would do the same to me. Nope. It was with such ease that the curler rolled to the top of my head and the barrel was able to be removed. No knots, no tugs, no problem.


The curls came out as perfect ringlets … and actually held. Even after sleeping on them, I woke up the next morning with hints of curls. I was so impressed.

See, the curling iron that I used for the wedding, it just didn’t make curls that held that well. Sure, I got ready around 9:30am and was fine through pictures at the house. But the bridal party photos after the ceremony saw my hair with a limp curl. And by the time I was announced at the wedding and watched the couple’s first dance, my curls were all but a memory.

With this curling iron, I know the curls would last all day, even without any hairspray.

Plus, the curls are just as good as with the iron that the professional at my uncle’s salon used.


conair9a conair9b

The photo on the left is my hair professionally done and the photo on the right is with the Infiniti Pro by Conair. Yes, it’s a little different because the barrel sizes were, but as far as the quality of the curls, they were the same. I was impressed. I left the left side of my hair regular in the second photo, just so you can see exactly how pin straight my hair is. It really did make a huge difference.


The only thing we didn’t like was that the foot that the barrel rests on when you put it down is so small. You don’t really have much room for error when putting it down. We would have preferred the barrel have a larger foot, and perhaps one that caused the barrel to angle away from the table … just in case. Other than that, we wouldn’t change a thing about the curling iron.


And don’t worry: I didn’t forget about the roller in my cousin’s hair. She removed it … and no curl. Her bangs look like there was a little crunch in them, but if you look above, you’ll see the curler wasn’t even in her bangs. So we weren’t impressed with it and will definitely stick with the curling iron for our curling needs.

Drugstore Divas was provided with these products for the review. All opinions are 100% ours.

York Photo: 10 Free Graduation Announcements (Ends 6/2)

York Photo: 10 Free Graduation Announcements (Ends 6/2)

York PhotoDo you have someone graduating this year?

Right now, you can get 10 free graduation cards from York Photo. Just click that link, create your cards, and enter the code MYGRADUATION.

This is for new York Photo members only. New members will also get 40 free prints, so that’s great.

If you don’t know someone who is graduating, you can always turn these into thank you cards if you’re a little creative.

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Panda Express: FREE Orange Chicken (9pm To Close, Tonight Only!)

Panda Express: FREE Orange Chicken (9pm To Close, Tonight Only!)

The closest Panda Express is 76 miles from me, which is way too far for free food. So, I’m gonna have to pass on this one.

If you live close to Panda Express, head there for dinner tonight. You can get a free single serving of Orange Chicken after 9pm with this Panda Express coupon.

Why after 9pm? Because this is in celebration of summer hours. I don’t know. I don’t get it. But remember, the closest one is so far from me, so maybe I’m completely missing out on what I’m supposed to understand.

If you go, let me know how it is.

Citrus Lane: Get A Box Of Shipped Monthly For Your Newborn To 3 Year Old (Plus $10 Credit)

Citrus Lane: Get A Box Of Shipped Monthly For Your Newborn To 3 Year Old (Plus $10 Credit)

citrus laneNo kids here, but I’m always looking for cute kid stuff because we have kids in our extended family.

Must be why Facebook keeps putting an ad for Citrus Lane in my newsfeed. I finally gave in and checked it out and it’s actually really cute. You sign up and every month, for between $21 and $25, you can get a box of age appropriate items shipped for your child, from newborn to 3. The boxes are all age and stage appropriate.

Even better, new members can get half off their first box with the code TAKEHALF. That is a limited-time offer.

And, if you sign up with my referral link for Citrus Lane, you will get a $10 credit. Plus, for every new person who signs up through your referral link, you will get a $10 credit.

Just for example: The May infant box included: iPlay Sun Protection Hat, Episencial Protective Face Balm, Green Toys Twist Teether, In My Ocean Board Book, and Episencial Sunny Sunscreen. The April box for toddlers included: Green Sprouts Organic Cotton Bath Puppet, Seventh Generation Natural Hand Wash, I’ll See You In The Morning Board Book, Branam All Natural Xylitol Tooth Gel, Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set, Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum Deluxe Sample, and a Eco Mom gift card.

Amazon: Mustache Car Decal Only $.97 Shipped

Amazon: Mustache Car Decal Only $.97 Shipped

mustacheI really like mustaches. Not on people’s faces, but on things like rings and stickers.

Liz knows this from reading the blog and she let me know about a mustache car decal for only $.97 shipped from Amazon.

How amazing would it be to be driving down the road, look in your rear view mirror, and see a car with a mustache. I’m laughing hysterically thinking about how awesome that would be. 

The decal is 6×2, so you could really hang it on your wall in your house if you wanted. Doesn’t have to be on a car.

Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so pick this up now if you are like me and want it.

Amazon: Fanny Pack Under $8 Shipped

Amazon: Fanny Pack Under $8 Shipped

fanny packMy friend Michelle is going to Disney this summer, so she was looking for a way to carry her tickets and money and various items.

When my mom and I went to Disney last summer, we used purses. Michelle, however, wants to go retro and use a fanny pack.

She was looking on Amazon and found this pink fanny pack for $7.84 shipped. If you need a fanny pack, this is the best one and best price, according to Michelle (who has spent all day looking for these, so she is definitely a fanny pack expert).

Prices on Amazon are subject to change at any time, so definitely pick this up now for your summer travels.