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Vindale Research: Get PAID $5 To $75 Per Survey & Keep Your Products [[Now Open]]

survey siteI posted about this two weeks ago and so many people were asking for the link, so I figured I’d repost.

Have you heard of Vindale Research? It’s a survey site that my friend was telling me about last night.

You sign up and get paid $5 to $75 per survey. That’s awesome because there are a ton out there [[like ones I won’t name, but I know of]] that pay you ten cents per survey. Seriously. Why am I going to do all that work for a dime?

So, to be able to get $5 minimum, yup, worth it.

You’ll be able to review products and you’ll actually get to keep them when you’re done, which is great because there are — believe it or not — sites that make you return the product after you test it.

What’s even better is it is completely free to join. There are sites that will charge you to join, and if you see those, they’re scams.

If you don’t feel like doing a survey, don’t. And if you feel like doing a lot, you can do that too. It’s totally voluntary and up to you. So definitely join Vindale Research and start making some extra cash for the holiday season.

If you really like getting paid to test stuff, like makeup and soda, don’t forget about Ipsos. You can sign up for Ipsos if you’re a mom.

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