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Month: September 2012

Free T-Shirt: You Like This

Free T-Shirt: You Like This

Do you have a friend who is always liking all your posts on Facebook?

Are you that friend?

We all have that someone, so this shirt is definitely for that person. Or you, if you need something new to sleep in. Or anyone who needs a free t-shirt.

Even better, this shirt is completely free. Get your free “You Like This t-shirt by clicking that link. You’ll see the photo in this post and under it is a link. Click that. Wait for the ad to load and then click “skip ad” in the upper right. Then, you’ll go straight to the form to put in your name, address, etc.

They do ask that you post a picture of yourself on Facebook after you get your shirt [[which will be sent out in six to eight weeks]], but it’s not mandatory.

So, I gotta know: who is this shirt for in your group? Savings Club: FREE One-Year Membership Savings Club: FREE One-Year Membership

20120901-105925.jpgUpdate: For those of you having issues with this in the morning, it’s working now.

This is awesome.

The Saving Club is turning one. If you haven’t heard about it until now, it’s basically a way to get extra coupons. You register, and then you have access to coupons that aren’t on the regular website. These exclusive savings are either higher than what is available to everyone or completely unavailable to anyone who is not a member.

It always sounded great, but I wasn’t going to pay for coupons.

Now we don’t have to. Right now, you can get a free year to the Savings Club. Just click that link, follow the registration process, and enter the code BIRTHDAY to get a year for free.

You will be asked to put in your credit card info, but you will not be charged until next year. And you can always cancel by next year, so no worried on that.

I’m super excited about this. So excited that I typed it on my phone since the Internet is still down here, so I fought through autocorrect’s ridiculous changes to get this posted.