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Month: May 2012

New Apartment Guide: Bathroom: Homemade Containers

New Apartment Guide: Bathroom: Homemade Containers

I’m so not Pinterest literate. I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and figure it out because I know I’ll just get absorbed and obsessed.

Twitter, I’ve got that down. Which didn’t work in my favor because I saw a pin via a tweet. And the pin was about recycling your old candle jars. So, of course, I needed to try this immediately [[see, I told you me and Pinterest are not a good idea]].

I had a candle that was almost done, so I burned it all night long. Then, like the tutorial said, I put it in the freezer. After a bunch of work [[and a bent knife]], I got the wax out. I washed it, then cleaned it with vinegar, then finally olive oil [[they were all options, I just don’t think you were supposed to try all of them]]. I finally washed it for real, and put Q-tips in it.

It actually looks really nice on our bathroom counter, especially now since I reorganized that [[if you remember from the other bathroom post in New Apartment Guide]].

I have another candle that we just started, but I’m really hoping to burn that down so I can re-purpose it for cotton balls.

You’ve gotta admit, it’s cute? And resourceful. I had the candles for free from a CVS deal a while back, so it didn’t cost me anything. And I can’t afford to buy any sort of jars right now anyway so this is perfect for everyone.

Abe’s Market: Good Deal Alert — 10% Off

Abe’s Market: Good Deal Alert — 10% Off

For those of you who love Abe’s Market, I’ve got some good news for you.

First, Abe’s Market is offering 10% off your total between now and June 13 with the promo code BABY10. You do have to spend $49+ in order to use the code, but Abe’s has a new baby line, so it won’t be that hard. I mean, you’re gonna want everything.

Second, the Spring/Summer Natural Baby Catalog is actually online. Click that link to check it out, then come back here and let me know what your fave item is.

Wrapp: Get $5 From Gap & Give FREE Gift Cards To Your Friends

Wrapp: Get $5 From Gap & Give FREE Gift Cards To Your Friends

I was just on Hip2Save and Collin wrote about a new app called Wrapp. It’s good on iPhone and Andriod phones, so me and my iPhone decided to try it.

Head to the app store, download the app, and then sign in via Facebook.

Then, head over to the Wrapp promo page, and you can get a $5 gift card from Gap. Completely free. It’s added to your “wallet” and you can use it in store anytime in the next 30 days. You will have to use it via mobile, so keep that in mind.

Then, once you’re logged in, hit “celebrate.” You’ll see your friends birthdays, which is cool. Click “friends” and you’ll see a list of your Facebook friends. You can select someone and send your friends gifts, birthday or not. Since I know Maria has an iPhone, and an obsessed with Sephora, I sent her a $5 Sephora gift card — completely free to me. You can send $5 to H&M,, Gap, Sephora, Spa Finder Wellness, Brooklyn Industries, Threadless, Bjorn Borg or Happy Socks. You can send $10 to WESC [[whatever that is]] and Warby Parker. Or you can send a month of The Wall Street Journal. All for free.

You will have the ability to add money to the gift cards, if you want, but that you have to pay for.

I checked the terms for the Gap card, since that’s the only one I have. It’s limit one per transaction, so keep that in mind.

So, if you’re my Facebook friend, let me know what card you want and I can send it. And then you can send me one. Yay.

Free Fragrance: New York Yankees [[Eww!]]

Free Fragrance: New York Yankees [[Eww!]]

I hate the Yankees.

Absolutely hate them.

I like two baseball teams: The Mets, and anyone playing the New York Yankees. I’m actually sitting, typing this in a Mets shirt.

My whole family, we’re all Mets fans.

So, I’m not encouraging anyone to get this free Yankees fragrance sample for real. I’m saying send it as a joke. I sent one to my aunt [[a die-hard Mets fan]] as a joke.

Of course the Yankees would have a fragrance. That’s because they smell.

These are limited. When I ordered one, there was just a bit over 7k left, so you better hurry if you actually want one.

Thanks to Sheryl at The Cents’Able Shoppin for posting this.

Sephora: 15 Days Of Beauty Thrills — Urban Decay

Sephora: 15 Days Of Beauty Thrills — Urban Decay

This is my most favorite Sephora deal yet.

See, Urban Decay is my fave expensive makeup brand. Not that I buy it. Ever. But I lust after it.

Oh come on. That’s not weird. You know there’s a makeup you lust after also. Right?

Anyway, today Sephora is highlighting UD. Head over to Sephora’s page and you can enter to win a two for two to LA and the entire Urban Decay eye shadow line.

If you win, can I just have the makeup?

Also, if you order from Sephora today, you can get a free full-size UD eyeshadow primer with the code 15DAYS. That alone is between $18 and $20, so that’s a great deal.

New Apartment Guide: Living Room: Walmart Table

New Apartment Guide: Living Room: Walmart Table

When I was in my last apartment, I used a patio set as my kitchen table. My parents lent it to me until I got a real table, but I’m not fussy so I just used that.

When we moved to North Carolina, we weren’t about to drag patio furniture. So we had to get a real table. A table, which is today’s New Apartment Guide focus.

We shopped around, and saw the same table on Amazon and Walmart. It was $100 cheaper via Walmart, so that was the winner.

When it arrived [[and yes, you’ve heard about this before, but read here if you haven’t]], it came in boxes and pieces?


This was not a table. It was a grown-up Lego set. I actually had to sort pieces and put it together.

This was news to me.

I thought it was gonna be easy. I had an hour between when the box came and when Pete was getting home from work. I figured I’d have the whole thing out together by when he got here.

Yeah right.

In that time I had put together one chair, taken it apart, and then put it back together the right way. And I still didn’t put on the base. That’s what I was trying to do when he came home. And good thing because I actually had a piece backwards.

It took a long time to put that first chair together, but once I did, I was a pro. I knocked those other chairs out like it was my job. And then we did the table super easy too.

I’m gonna be honest: It was really intimidating to see this come in pieces. I mean, we have to sit on these chairs every day. So, for the first week or so, I was so worried one would collapse out from under me. That hasn’t happened yet [[knock on wood]] so we’re in good shape.

It is nice to be able to eat off a real table though.

So, I wanna know: How much furniture have you put together? And, be honest, does any of it come assembled?