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Month: December 2011

Groupon: $5 Off Any Deal [[Today Only]]

Groupon: $5 Off Any Deal [[Today Only]]

UPDATE: This is a repost from December 18 when I got the $5 off discount from Groupon. Today some of you told us that you got an email from them about the discount. Search your inbox or entire folders to make sure you don’t miss the awesome deals. 
Are you a Groupon fan? If you are not you should be because they offer really good deals, after all they are the largest daily deal site. And today I got news via email, you can get $5 off any deal today [[December 31]] only. Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

Check your local deals or online national deals to see if something interests you. I got a $30 voucher to a local restaurant that was on sale for 50% off ($15) and after $5 discount I only paid $10.

If you’re not a Groupon member yet, head over to this link and register.
CVS: Christmas Clearance

CVS: Christmas Clearance

CVS has a very specific clearance policy … except last Christmas. Then, the clearance timeline was so thrown off.

So I honestly have no idea what the clearance percentage will be tomorrow. What I do know, however, is that right now, Christmas items are 50% off at CVS.

Or Xmas items, if you read the signs at my store. Does that bug anyone but me?

And, even though this sign was by the boxed cards, my mom scanned some and they weren’t ringing up half off. The cashier did adjust the cards down for my mom, since there was a sign hanging. So, just be aware of that in case you’re having trouble.

Carl’s Jr: 12 Days Of Happy [[Day 10]]

Carl’s Jr: 12 Days Of Happy [[Day 10]]

Carl’s Jr. will be celebrating 12 Day of Happy between December 22 and January 2, 2012.

They will release a new exclusive deal each day. Just click [[here]] to “like” Carl’s Jr. on Facebook and print today’s coupon:

Crisscuts Fries for only $1.29. Coupon Expires 1/2/2012

We will be sure to remind you to get your daily coupon. While you are on Facebook please stop by our page and catch up on the latest chatter.

Coupon Alert: Nestle Products

Coupon Alert: Nestle Products

Walmart is offering a few printable coupon for Nestle products. 

Click [[here]] first and then click “Get Nestle Coupons” You will get personalized brick links so make sure you click the back button on your browser to print a second copy.

I printed the Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate coupon because there is a rumor that they will be on sale at CVS. Who doesn’t like Free Chocolate? [[even with New Year Resolutions]].

You can also print coupons for Hot Pockets brand Snackers and Digiorno Pizza.

Instant Win Game: Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Instant Win Game: Nescafe Dolce Gusto

I have never wanted to win an instant win game as much as I want to win this one.

If you head over to the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Facebook page, you can enter to win one of 150 Piccolo machines and three 50% off coupons for your friends. The original price is $140 on Amazon.

Yup, I would love to win this.

The giveaway ends today. I’ve heard of a Drugstore Diva reader winning — and hopefully we can get a few more people to win.

We’re kinda running out of time to win this. There are mere hours left. I’m waiting until the last possible minute to try and win mine. Somehow, I feel like that’s gonna be my lucky time.

While you’re online, head over to Drugstore Divas’ Facebook page and join the other 4700 deal hunters on the page.

Arby’s: FREE Jamocha Oreo Shake [[Today Only]]

Arby’s: FREE Jamocha Oreo Shake [[Today Only]]

I love birthday freebies. What I don’t love is a birthday freebie with purchase.

Arby’s always offers me a free shake on my birthday, but I have to buy fries or something to get it. Sorry Arby’s, but I’m not spending my birthday there.
Now, you can get a free shake. Just free. Love that.

Arby’s is offering a FREE Jamocha Oreo Shake today with the coupon found here.

Head out and get this now because you know tomorrow you’re swearing off sweets as part of your New Year’s resolution to lose that five pounds put on during the holidays.