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Month: November 2011

Lot 18: Good Deal Alert — Free Shipping

Lot 18: Good Deal Alert — Free Shipping

I got a nice email from Lot 18 letting me know that the site [[which sells wine and chocolates and other gourmet items]] is offering free shipping on every order between now and December 14.

Shipping is generally $9.99, so this is a great sale.

There’s a set of six stemless wineglasses for $29.99, which is awesome because I have a $20 credit [[so you might too]]. There’s also two bags of Brooklyn Roasting Co. coffee for $25, which sounds like a lot but it’s only $5 after that $20 credit, or $2.50 a bag. Now that’s cheap.

AMC Theaters: FREE Popcorn

AMC Theaters: FREE Popcorn

Got an email from Aria letting me know that if you like AMC Theaters on Facebook, you can get a coupon for a free popcorn, good Friday through Sunday [[December 2 through 4]].

Gotta love that.

Don’t forget, when you’re on Facebook, be sure to “like” Drugstore Divas on Facebook too. The goal is 5k fans by New Year’s, so we’ve got a month left to get 1.6k fans. It’s possible.

Right now, it’s possible for you to get free popcorn if you head to the movies this weekend.
Which I just typed as poopcorn. Which is funny to everyone except for, well, probably this lady.
Coupon Alert: Michael’s

Coupon Alert: Michael’s

Black Friday is done. Small Business Saturday is over. Cyber Monday is a memory.
And now Michael’s decides that since you’re in full Christmas mode, it’s time for the craft store to help you save on select Christmas items.
Head over to this link and you can print a coupon for 20% your entire purchase of select holiday decor. The coupon is today [[November 30]] only.
Victoria’s Secret: FREE Panty [[Today Only]]

Victoria’s Secret: FREE Panty [[Today Only]]

Pete and I saw a commercial for theVictoria’s Secret Fashion Show over the weekend. Of course, he said those girls aren’t pretty to him. Which is a very nice thing to say. Although, really, even to me those girls are pretty.

Speaking of the show, readers Ann Marie and Aria both let me know that Victoria’s Secret is advertising their show — on your back end.
Yup, if you head over to this link you can print a coupon for a free panty. The only thing is, you don’t really get a choice. You just get the one that’s free — which is an advertisement for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
But hell, free is free right?
The coupon is only valid today [[November 30]] and it’s limit one per person.
Holiday Gift Guide [[& Giveaway]]: Slice Box Cutter

Holiday Gift Guide [[& Giveaway]]: Slice Box Cutter

Cyber Monday just passed, which means there’s a good chance you’re going to get a bunch of boxes delivered.

In fact, last night my mom received a big box from Amazon with Black Friday deals. Talk about fast shipping, right?

I got a box in the mail last week, and I ended up opening it with my car keys, which, honestly, was a terrible idea. It didn’t really work, I was stabbing tape, and those little strings got everywhere.

Not quite the way you want to open boxes all season long, right?

Well, you don’t have to. Not if you have the slice box cutter that is.

It has this awesome ergonomic handle, with this soft grip inside. That’s really nice because I can imagine that it’ll keep away the potential chafing that might happen if you were trying to open boxes all day long with a scissor or knife.

The slice box cutter boasts a ceramic blade that isn’t sharp to the touch, but it is sharp to packing tape [[yes, I’m a dork and touched the blade to be sure]]. Now, originally I thought that blade would last forever, but no, the back of the package tells you how to remove and replace it.

I haven’t needed to replace mine yet, so I haven’t tried. When I get to that point, I’ll be sure to let you know.

What I quite like about this box cutter is its size. It’s a solid hand length long [[however many inches that might be]]. I’m good at misplacing things [[yes, that’s a nice way to say “losing” — small aside, I never burn anything, sometimes I overbake it]]. When I need to open a box, my exacto knife is never handy. But this, it’s such a good size, and so eye catching that I wouldn’t even be able to misplace it if I tried.

One quick fuzzy feeling fact about this: a portion of the purchase price goes towards Autism research. How great is that?

I know, I know. You want one now. Well, lucky for you, the people at slice have generously given me a second slice box cutter to give away to a lucky reader. Giveaway starts now and goes for 48 hours. Click “read more” to get to the Rafflecopter to enter.

Full Disclosure: This product was donated to be a part of Drugstore Divas’ annual Holiday Gift Guide. The giveaway product was donated as well. Drugstore Divas will cover the shipping costs for the giveaway win. All thoughts are my own. No money exchanged hands.

Coupon Alert: Cafe Escapes

Coupon Alert: Cafe Escapes

I’m not sure why, but the Cafe Escapes coupon is the hottest one going right now. Everyone keeps telling me about it, so I figure I should tell you about it.

Head over to this link, go under “beverages” and you can print a coupon for $2 off any one 12-count box of Cafe Escapes K-Cup packs.
I’d print now because everyone is printing these, so they’re bound to go very quickly.