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Month: January 2011

Donation: January

Donation: January

So, here’s the deal. I have to do good things this year. My boyfriend decided he wanted to volunteer more and it kicked me into an idea frenzy.

What could I do?

I decided I’d do one really nice thing for a good cause a month. It could be anything that I deem worthy, and since this is a personal thing, what’s worthy isn’t up for debate.

Today’s the last day of January and I’m happy to announce that I’ve done something for the month.

In the greater New York metro area, we have a program called Midnight Run where items like travel-sized toiletries are distributed to the homeless.

I donated last year to my church before its run, but my church isn’t on the schedule. So I found another local parish and I brought a large Old Navy bag filled with my trial-sized items [[like the free Dial from CVS and free Pantene from P&G’s sample site]]. My mom gave me her stuff too and we had a nice bag to bring over.

Oh sure, it would be convenient for me to have trial-size toothpaste to bring on vacation, but it’s a much more worthy option to donate what I had. I feel good about what I did, and I’ll continue to do something every month. Maybe you will too.

Coupon Alert: Quiznos

Coupon Alert: Quiznos

I love Quiznos. It’s definitely my sandwich shop of choice. My friend and I used to go there at least weekly for lunch, and he’d always get a Prime Rib sandwich. Well have I got a coupon for him.

Head over to this link and you can print a coupon that gets you a Prime Rib Sub for only $2.99. That’s an incredible deal. Print yours now because this coupon will be gone in a flash [[Quiznos coupons usually are]].

Diva Dialogue: Which do you like better: Quiznos or Subway?

Blockbuster: Free Rental Code [[Today Only]]

Blockbuster: Free Rental Code [[Today Only]]

Chances are you’re probably reading this at work right now … which means you’ll probably wanna stop by your closest Blockbuster kiosk on the way home.

Jasmine from Dealicious Finds emailed me to let me know that you can get a free rental with the code BBXFM2. The code is only good through tonight [[January 31]], so you need to make this a movie night.

Diva Dialogue: What’s the last movie you rented?

Giveaway: Facebook Fans Update

Giveaway: Facebook Fans Update

So here’s the deal. We have a new Facebook fan page. I’ve realized it’s a million times more effective to have a fan page than a personal page for Drustore Divas.

Trouble is, we look extremely unpopular since the page is [[relatively]] brand new.

So, we decided that for every 500 fans we get on our Facebook fan page, we’ll have a giveaway. We have some really great giveaways in the works, but we’re still not at 500.

I figured it would be best to keep posting updates on how we’re doing so everyone knows just how close we are to a giveaway. Right now, we have 411 fans, so we’re only 89 away from a great giveaway. Start “liking” us today.

Diva Dialogue: Have you liked us yet?

Subway: Free Coffee Mondays

Subway: Free Coffee Mondays

Coffee can get expensive. Personally, I drink my tea when I get to work [[because it’s free]], but I know there are a bunch of you grab and goers who head out to pick up a cup o’ joe every morning.

That adds up.

Subway wants to help you combat that.

Every Monday in January, you can get a free 12 oz. cup of coffee before 11 am at Subway.

No purchase is necessary.

I’m on the email list for the New York Metro Tri State area, so I’m not sure if this is all Subway restaurants, so you might wanna call ahead.

We’ll remind you every Monday this month so you can get a free start to the work week.

Diva Dialogue: Did you pick some up this morning?

Banana Republic: Happy Monday

Banana Republic: Happy Monday

Everyone is grumbling over going back to work today, but Banana Republic wants to make that a little easier for you.

Every Monday in January, Banana Republic’s promo is a litle surprise. Although no mention of what it is.

Enter BRMONDAY at checkout to see what you get.

Shop through eBates to get 2% back.

Diva Dialogue: Did you shop? What did you get?