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Month: January 2010

Sunday Speak: What Can’t You Pass Up?

Sunday Speak: What Can’t You Pass Up?

We had an Ask The Divas feature, and people were asking us questions. Well, we’re turning the tables. Each Sunday, we’re gonna ask you guys some questions. It’ll give us a way to know you better; you a chance to know us better; and we can all be friends.

Sound great?

I thought to.

So, each Sunday, we’re gonna get a little chatty.

To kick things off, we’ve got this question: What deal will you not pass up, no matter how big your stockpile is?

For me, it’s hand soap. When I first started couponing hardcore all those many years ago, the only thing I couldn’t stock up on was free hand soap. There was no such thing. I had makeup and body wash and toothpaste that I was giving away in bags, but I was sparingly using my hand soap, wondering.

Finally, when my hand soap was on its last limb, there was an okay deal at CVS [[by okay, I mean, it was like a three-pack of hand soap giving back $1 in ecb]]. I snatched it up. The next week, there was a real deal, and I bought as many as I could. I went from zero to twenty in a month.

And good thing. It was months [[like, almost a year]] before I saw free hand soap again. So of course, I stocked up again.

And, just this most recent trip to A&P triples, I got some more. I have a ton now, but I know that this is a practically yearly occurrence. And that cheap newspaper coupon is only 35 measly cents, so that doesn’t help hardly ever.

So, for me, I can never pass up a hand soap deal, no matter how many I have. What’s your sale of choice? What can’t you turn down?

Victoria’s Secret: Love Rocks

Victoria’s Secret: Love Rocks

I’m a little non-committal when it comes to tattoos. Okay, a lot non-committal. The permanence of it all just doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve wanted a tattoo for the last twelve years, and I’ve had the same idea for the last four, but, the actual tattoo, well, I’m a few years shy of getting under the needle.

But I can go to Victoria’s Secret no problem.

Right now, according to Deal Seeking Mom, you can get a free Love Rocks scented tattoo from Vicky’s.

Put it on, smell pretty, and it’s done when you take a shower. Sounds like the perfect tattoo for committment-a-phobes. Hey! We’re people too!

Anyway, that being said, I’m pretty sure Vicky’s is coming out with a new perfume line [[or maybe it’s a single scent, I’m not sure]] called Love Rocks. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what great timing. Coincidence? I doubt it. Cheap Crocs Cheap Crocs

Me, I am not a fan of Crocs. I can’t wear any flat shoes. You know all about me and my stilettos. Enough said. There are so many people who do like Crocs out there. My mom being one of them.

This deal at is for all the Croc lovers. Visit and save up to 70% off Crocs! They are like $5 a pair. Really great deal. Standard ground shipping was $6.95. Even with shipping it is a good deal.

Big Lots: Good Deal Alert — Big Savings

Big Lots: Good Deal Alert — Big Savings

Big Lots has a rewards program called the Buzz Club. If you know about that, you probably know about this coupon. But if you don’t, I’ve got news for you. If you click here, you can print off a coupon good for 20-percent off your total. It’s only good until today [[January 31]], so you probably wanna hurry out shopping. Just put Big Lots on your list of things to do today. Pampers Deals Pampers Deals is so much more than just diapers. The site has everything you could need for your baby … at least, that is what the Web site tells me. Really, I don’t know what you need for babies other than lots of Pampers.

But I do know if you spend $49 or more on Pampers, you will get free shipping and your order will ship in just one to two days. For a limited time, first time customers can use the code 10PAMPERS to save $10 on their first diaper order.

Now, if you signed up for Pampers Gifts to Grow like we told you to, you would have gotten an email that if you clicked through to you would also get 500 bonus Pampers Gift to Grow points, just by using the code at checkout. So after you are done shopping, head over there to sign up for yourself.

Target: Free Olay Soap

Target: Free Olay Soap

In order to get this freebie, you have to act quickly. Okay, you have until tomorrow [[January 31]] but don’t waste time when you should be going to Target. Olay soap in the trial size section is only 97 cents.

There is a $1/1 Olay coupon that does not exclude trial sizes. But the coupon expires on 01/31. See why you need to get to Target as soon as possible? I got eight of them, no beeps no problems. Just more free soap.