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Month: March 2009

The Magic Of Coupons

The Magic Of Coupons

Macy’s is having a red hot sale this week, which means a lot of coupons in this week’s ad. If yours is still in the recycling bin, go pick it out.

On the cover, there’s a 15% off shopping pass that you can use until Sunday, April 5. Open the ad and four coupons on the next two pages. What are they, you wonder. Wonder no more. By the way, there are two of each of these coupons, valid now through April 5.

  • $5/$25 on regular, sale, or clearance merchandise.
  • $10/$50 on regular, sale, or clearance merchandise.
  • $15/$75 on regular, sale, or clearance merchandise.
  • $25/$100 on regular, sale, or clearance merchandise.
Tidy Bathroom

Tidy Bathroom

No one likes cleaning the toilet. At all. Sure, you do it — but there’s no one who says, “I’m totally staying in on Friday night to scrub the bathroom from top to bottom.” You put on your party shoes, ignore the soap scum, and hope that a fairy godmother comes in and bibbity-boppity-boos it all away.

If only we were so lucky, no one would have to take advantage of the Lysol deal at CVS this week.

Right now, the Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, and Lysol All Purpose Cleaner are on sale for $2.50 each. Buy all three for $7.50.

There were Lysol coupons in the 03/15 SS, including $.75 off the bowl cleaner, $1 off the wipes, and $.50 off the cleaner, taking off $2.25, and making your total $5.25.

There’s a mail in rebate for $3 wyb three different Lysol products. Print that out, mail it in with your receipt, and get a few bucks back.

Sure, it looks like you’re spending $2.25 on these, but chances are you’re paying with ecb, and now you’re changing your ecb to cash, and no one can shake a toilet brush cleaner at that.

Kissable Lips

Kissable Lips

Chapstick is such an important cold weather accessory, even more so than hats and gloves. Red ears are definitely better than chapped lips, no matter who you ask.

The winter is ending, but your lip regime shouldn’t. Especially when Walgreens has you covered.

This week [[ending April 4]], when you buy a True Shimmer Chapstick — 100% natural, I might add — you’ll get a $2 RR. There isn’t even tax on chapstick, so you’re making a penny on this.

Bistro Bistro

Bistro Bistro

Hurry out to Jewel. Right now. Well, not right now. You should probably finishing reading this first.

Ronzoni Bistro Pasta items are bogo this week, ending tomorrow, April 1. There was a bogo coupon in the 02/08 SS, so combine these two and get two for free.

Ronzoni Bistro comes in four varieties — Spaghetti & Meatballs; Rotini with Tomato & Basil; Penne with Chicken & Broccoli; and Linguine with Chicken & Mushrooms — so if you have two coupons, you can complete the world tour for free.

Wii Would Like To Amazon

Wii Would Like To Amazon

The Wii is fantastic. There are only a few things I would choose over it: world peace, a bag of Cadbury mini eggs. I’m kidding, of course, but the Wii is great. The only downside is the games are so incredibly expensive. To cut the costs, I’m saving up my Swag Bucks and MyPoints to get a couple games.

Amazon is helping out with that.

Today is Wii Game Day, and there will be six video game deals over at Amazon. Check that out, see what’s going on, and get some early Christmas shopping done. Or buy yourself a present. Whichever.

Sharpen Your Skills

Sharpen Your Skills

If you take any advice I offer, take this: Do not search Sur La Table on Google images. Oh sure, you may end up with the company’s logo, like I did, but you’ll also be greeted with a graphic pen drawing of two people in a compromising position.

You just tried it, didn’t you?

I warned you.

Anyway … Sur La Table — the store, not the sex act — is offering knife sharpening. You can bring one or two knives and get them sharpened for free. Additional knives will cost you a dollar an inch.

There are other instore evens, like Bobby Flay doing a book signing at The Mall at Chestnut Hill’s store next month, which is cool, because Bobby Flay seems fun.