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Month: January 2009

Want Fresh Breath?

Want Fresh Breath?

I got my lip pierced three years ago, and I became a slave to Listerine. Every time I ate or drank anything, I had to rinse my mouth with Listerine. Every time I brushed, Listerine. Every time I kissed, well, he knew to use Listerine too.

My lip ring has been gone awhile, but my Listerine affection still remains. I have to buy the stuff when it’s on sale, no matter that I have ten regular bottles, six bottles of Smart Rinse, and seven bottles of Agent Cool Blue taking up space. Listerine just reminds me of my lip ring.

It’s on sale at Rite Aid this week, and I’ve made it this long without buying any. But now that it’s a money maker, well, I can’t resist.

Listerine is on sale for $4.99 this week. There’s an in-ad coupon for $2 off, making it $2.99. I found a blinkie in a few supermarkets yesterday for $1 off, making it $1.99 each. That’s good, but I said money maker.

This month, as part of the single check rebates, when you buy four, you get $10 back. After coupons, you can buy four for $7.96 and get back $10, so you’re making $2.04. Yup, I need to make more room on my “brushing” shelf.

Have A Cheap Party

Have A Cheap Party

You don’t wanna be the guy with the lame football party, the one who just puts on the television, opens a bag of chips, serves a few beers and calls it a party.

Maybe you do wanna be that guy … but your guests don’t want to be at that party. So spice it up a little. But a festive bowl for those chips. Get some football shaped coasters. Head over to Party City and see what you can find.

I know, I know, you probably think the store known for Halloween costumes is a bit out of your price range. But now, if you go to the printable coupons on the right side of Drugstore Divas, you’ll see there is a $5/$25 coupon for Party City. Plus, all Super Bowl printed tableware — plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers — are all half off. Game on!

Save The Earth For Free

Save The Earth For Free

I went to Stop & Shop yesterday and bought four Quaker Quick Oats for 60 cents. It should have been 55 cents, but the cashier didn’t credit me a nickle for bringing in my own bag. I figured the company owes me five cents, and now I think I found a way to get it back.

I read online that you can get a free reusable tote if you bring one and your Stop & Shop card to the customer service desk before January 31. Only select customers were selected for this promotion, and it’s loaded onto your Stop and Shop card. Those selected got an email, so if you didn’t get one, you’re out of luck.

If you did get an email, your card can be swiped at customer service and that’ll pay for your bag.

I got overlooked. I hope you didn’t.

Colored Drinks

Colored Drinks

If I ever get the chance, I’m going to sit down with the makers of Kool-Aid and ask them how much they sniffed. Seriously. A colored sugar. A pitcher that comes to life. A colored drink. There has to be some type of drug trafficking going on somewhere.

But, nevertheless, Kool-Aid brings lots of people back to their childhoods, and ShopRite is aiding in the regression starting today. If you buy any Kool-Aid powdered drink mix products between 01/30 and 02/22, you’ll earn an OYNO catalina.

Spend $6, get $2; spend $10, get $3; spend $14, get $4. All items must be purchased in one shopping order.

Now, I’m gonna call ShopRite out because the store thinks it’s slick right now, but it’s not. The first plateau, spend $6, get $2 is equal to earning $1 for every three you spend. Well, in that case, to get $3, you should have to spend $9, but instead the next plateau is $10. To get $4, you should have to spend $12, but ShopRite is making you spend $14.


If you’re really trying to stock up on this, split your trips up and spend as close to $6 as possible every time. You’ll get more for your dollar that way.

Score Big With Savings

Score Big With Savings

Where I used to live, it was the home of Mr. Planters Peanut. At least, that’s what I was told. There was a building downtown where his image was faded, and the building was turned into a biker bar on Tuesdays. I’m not quite sure the top hatted peanut man fit in. Although thanks to Wikipedia, I am sure he was “cracked” there, and hey, every town needs something.

I bring the peanut man up today because I found a coupon for Planters, and these posts are much more fun with a segue than a “Hey. I found coupons. Go get ’em.”

Anyway, today I went to Stop & Shop and at the Coke display, there was a tearpad a sheet of six coupons. What kind, you’re asking?

  • Save $1 on any one Velveeta product, 1 lb. or larger
  • Save $1 on any two Nabisco Wheat Thins, Triscuit, or Ritz crackers products
  • Save $1 on any two Kraft or Cracker Barrel regular or 2% Milk Cheese products
  • Save $1 on any two Planters Peanuts 6.5 oz or larger
  • Save $1 wyb any two DiGiorno 12″ pizzas
  • Save $1 wyb one 12-pack of Coke Zero and one 12-pack of any Coca-Cola product

They expire on March 31, so be on the lookout.